1st Dec 2008, 16:16

We bought our 2005 Grand Caravan SXT brand new. We have 25k miles on it now, and I'm looking for a way to get rid of it as we speak. We've had the following problems:

- Power side doors have both quit working several times, the dealership cannot diagnose the problem.

- With 12K miles on it we had to replace the front brakes and tires... dealership said it was "normal wear and tear" and not covered under warranty.

- Rear brake lights keep burning out

- Engine was burning oil... dealership replaced the PCB valve (of course it was out of warranty by this point).

- As soon as we got it back from that repair, the engine light came on... the dealership tells us it is the EGR valve and is unrelated to the previous repair (and once again not under warranty).

- Front sway bars need replacing

- Rear brakes/rotors need replacing.

The list goes on and on. Don't let anyone tell you that these are good vehicles as long as you do preventative maintenance... I've done all the scheduled maintenance and it didn't make a lick of difference. Stay away from Dodge.

7th Feb 2009, 15:37

I have a 2005 Grand Caravan, bought used with 23000 miles in Jan 06...

4 monthes after we bought it the front axel broke.

The sliding doors sometimes work sometimes they don't.

The blinkers work about 1/4 of the time.

2 weeks ago it quit on me on the interstate. We had to have the crank shaft sensor replaced. Went to pick it up at the dealer (no warranty) and it would not start. They said because we had tried to start it so many times, we had faulted the spark plugs. They wanted 200 dollars to put new ones in. ha ha ha We finally got new plugs in and drove it to the nearest Honda dealer to try and trade it in. They would not touch it with a 10 foot pole. I drove it back home and the next day it laid down on me again at the school.

This time the dodge dealership said it was the cam shaft. We got that fixed and now it acts like it is starving for gas when you push the gas pedal.

Also the sway bar bushings need replacing.

We will now always Dodge a Dodge...

26th Feb 2009, 23:06

Bought 2005 SXT Grand Caravan new.

- AC failed and they performed recall on tube, 2 months later it failed again. They can't figure out why so just had re-charged.

- Failed door slider motor.

- Bad wiring from steering column to engine compartment. Car wouldn't start. Had it towed where Dodge spliced wire.

- Bad fan relay, fan would turn on when car was off when it's cold.

- Today I have a 0404 EGR OBD code (check engine light) - will need to get this fixed. When checking on it I noticed that the engine cooling fans always run now even when started cold (yet another fan problem).

- I checked oil and power steering fluid and they are both way low - why I don't know. Oil was changed at dealer recently.

I like the way the van drives, features, etc but Dodge quality stinks. I don't have confidence in taking it on vacations with family. I just want to get rid of it.

3rd Jun 2009, 11:29

2005 Grand Caravan - purchased in 2005 with 19K miles.

A/C stopped blowing cold air within a year. Had it fixed under warranty.

Then, the coil pack went and then the steering rack had to be replaced, when the van had about 40K miles. When do these components ever fail so early?!

A thumping noise I traced to worn bushings on the sway bar. I replaced them myself for about $20.

50K miles now and the water pump is leaking! What next?

By the way, the dealership where I bought it closed this week.

7th Jun 2009, 14:05

This is my 3rd Chrysler mini-van. Like the way they look and drive. Bought the last one, 2005 Grand Caravan, new. Nothing but trouble, always something going wrong and no acknowledgment from Chrysler that there is a problem. Situation will not get better now that it is 'Obama Motors'. My next van will be an import (a first for me).

5th Aug 2009, 23:25

Hi, I was just wondering - I'm thinking of buying a 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT and just thinking.. and wondering what the price would be on average, and without the mileage, and even with certain amounts of mileage, what would it be?


6th Sep 2009, 19:07

Those of you that have headlight issues. I had the same thing. The cause for me was a bad headlight switch. Easy to fix, you just pop off the switch next to the steering wheel and unplug the harness. Replug in a new one. Available from the dealer.

6th Sep 2009, 20:14

We have had a 2005 Grand Caravan SXT and will definitely be the last Mopar product. This van is great feature wise - stow and go, power sliding doors, power liftgate, front and rear air etc. But at approx. 55,000 miles it fails at being problem free. We haven't had some of the problems that others have had. But our drivers window goes up extremely slow and sometimes doesn't at all in the winter. Right now the locks don't work which is a pain for our family of four. I will take it to the dealer soon (hopefully on my next vacation) to get the window fixed and lock situation fixed.

This will pretty much definitely be our last Dodge product. My 1999 Dodge Dakota so far has out performed this 6 year newer vehicle.

Ford or Foreign from now on.

5th Oct 2009, 08:27

I have a 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan. Never had a major problem with it. I love it, it's great.

Good gas mileage, rides smooth.

Recently the check engine light came on, EGR valve needs to be replaced. Bought the part and paid a mechanic $40.00 to install. The part was $65.00.

Only issue I have is the navigation disk (which was never ever taken out) was scratched. Bought a new one online for $50.00, all is great.

Keep oil changed ever 3,000 miles, rotate tires, replaced brake pads once.

Previous car was Pontiac Grand Prix GTP. Let me tell you about the nightmares; 3 engines, 3 transmissions (only good thing is GM paid for transmissions & 2 engines), and also chunks of metal found in the motor with serial numbers on them.

26th Oct 2009, 19:25

Our 2005 Caravan never has huge things go wrong with it, but lots of little things, and we only have 46,000 on it after 4 1/2 years of owning it. It's annoying that the power locks ALWAYS go out. We reset it, and they go out again. The bushing just had to be replaced, and we had some suspension issues over the summer. The lights burn out often as well. I've just never heard of a car with less than 50,00 having things go wrong, or rust out or in general go wrong. Scares me to read all the comments and makes me wonder how to think about the future. When should we give this van up because certain bigger problems are inevitable?