1997 Dodge Intrepid 3.5L DOHC from North America


Roomy car if you have lots of money to throw away on repair bills


1.) Have had constant cooling issues. Replaced the thermostat the first time, I also needed to replace the radiator for a leaking drain valve, (which will also cause an air pocket and cause to overheat). I am getting ready to replace the head gasket, and in the process will probably do the water pump, and timing belt just to be on the safe side.

2.) Replaced the o-rings in fuel rails, paid $200.00 and then found out it was a recall.

3.) Headlight knob fell off in my hand. Took car in for PA. inspection and when I got it back it was fixed.

4.) Leaking power steering pump.

5.) Transmission does not always shift the same. That worries me, how long till I need to replace that?

6.) Headlight lenses are cloudy, and can't adjust because adjustments are broken. (I'll deal with it)

7.) Black plastic molding flaking off.

8.) Clear coat flaking off of rear quarter panels.

General Comments:

When first shopping around for a family vehicle I thought I was doing OK, snappy motor with lots of power. Plenty of room for someone six feet tall, and still room in the backseat for family. After the first overheating problem, and smelling fuel running over a hot exhaust manifold I started having second thoughts. The car is great on the highway, with good gas mileage for its size, but its just not reliable. I do most of my own mechanic work, and its NOT a nice car to work on. I know that Ford can't keep the same part, or even model of vehicle for more than a year without changing them, but I had less hassle, and better reliability. Maybe I'll buy a Le Car, do they still exist. Anything has got to be better than the Intrepid.

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Review Date: 4th August, 2003

1st Mar 2004, 21:35

This engine didn't come with dual overhead cam. If it did, then I made a horrible, horrible mistake when rebuilding the engine for this particular model car.

20th Jan 2007, 09:45

My boyfriend used a plastic polishing compound on my headlight lenses and it made an incredible difference. It didn't take him long, and the compound is cheap. You just have to be sure to use the proper one for plastic. I hope this helps you as it did me!

1997 Dodge Intrepid 3.3 V6 from North America


Never would buy one ever again


The car has only been a problem ever since we have owned it, it has fallen apart ever since.

The head gaskets went at 93,000, same as the water pump.

The brakes were done at 60,000, the thermostat was done twice, spark plugs keep going out of whack, very bad transmission.

Water leaks out of the trunk, full of rust.

I have had the tire rods done twice, since I have owned the car.

The light switch and the wiper control has been done because of fire, it costed my about 500 worth in two trips, because they did not find the problem all at once.

I would never buy one again.

General Comments:

I would stay away from these cars.

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Review Date: 3rd August, 2003

28th Nov 2010, 15:22

I am at 183,000 miles, and I just put in a starter, water pump, fuel pump, and an ignition coil.

I have a problem - when I start the car, the gauges don't always come on, which will not let the transmission go out of first gear. I have to turn the switch over and over until the gauges come on, then the transmission will go into all gears while driving.

The ignition wiring harness went bad, and I could not buy one because I was told I had to buy an engine to get it, so I went to a pull a part and cut it off an engine. I have to use electric tape to keep it into the ignition clip that is suppose to hold it in the ignition coil.

I have got my money out of it, since I bought it for $700.00 in 2008. I need a catalytic converter now, and today I find out that I have 3 of them on my car. They are $100.00 a piece. So... after doing all this work to it in the last 6 months, I hate to get rid of it.

I will say it has a lot of room in it, and a nice size trunk.

All cars have problems, so I am not sure if it had been any other model at this age, that I would have the same issues.

I just wanted to let you know of the problems I have had, so you may know what to expect.