1st Feb 2007, 21:33

2004 Intrepid

Yet another victim of the 2.7 L engine.

Please send me the information for the class action suit also if anyone has it.

Thanks so much!


8th Feb 2007, 02:25

Great advice, but already did this thank you and has great vehicle now. Other peoples neglect is my fortune and my second Intrepid had failed cams due to oil starvation. Did top job and the car is now past 180K no other problems. Cheapest car I have owned good on gas since modern engine and no old gas hungry Chevy push rod engine. First was near new and still running no major problems and has been a cheap one to run but trans is going, but this car is past 200K and is now second car.

Stop bad mouthing the 2.7 and Intrepids and start maintaining your cars and stop complianing.

4th Mar 2007, 16:08

I am experiencing these same car problems (knocking noise) and my timing chain broke after being replaced 6 months ago. I also only have 34K miles on my car. I am in the process of having these things replaced, and I now know to use synthetic (though the Chrysler dealership didn't even suggest using it when I got my oil changed there a few months ago), but what else can I do to keep this from happening again? I do everything I know to maintain it and I am a very gentle driver, but I will be the first to admit I know very little about cars. I'm in college so I can't afford anymore major repairs! Thanks!

10th Apr 2007, 02:28

This should be a warranty issue and you shouldn't take 'no' for an answer if the dealer refuses to replace engine. And if the dealer does not recommend synthetic oil you should confront him with this. Or even change your business to elsewhere? All newer cars should use synthetic oils. Only old low revolution engines that runs cooler should use regular oil. Old engines may start to use oil since synthetic oil may be too thin so always check. I've never understood why Chrysler didn't specify synthetic oil for the LH engine in the first place. This would have saved the consumers for a lot of trouble.

11th Apr 2007, 13:32

I, too, am another victim of the 2.7L engine. The tensioner broke after 74K miles and the timing chain destroyed the engine. Would someone send me the info on the Class Action? sherrillina@yahoo.com.

29th Apr 2007, 22:18

I also have the same issue with my dodge Intrepid. It was running fine then suddenly it started to knock then it shut off. I had to get it towed home. If there is a class Action I would like to be a part of it.


7th May 2007, 17:33

I have a 2000 Intrepid. A new engine was put in at 56K, luckily I had the extended warranty. It has not run well since. It is losing a quart of oil a month, nothing on the driveway, no smoke coming out. They now tell me it's a tyrod and will cost $3149 for the part. This has been the most unreliable car I've ever owned, and the most dangerous to drive. I'll sell the parts or trade it for a new foreign car. If there is a class action let me know. I have tried to get Chrysler HQ to contact me and they won't.

11th May 2007, 23:20

Yet another victim of the Dodge 2.7 L engine.

Please send me the information for the class action suit also if anyone has it.

Email: Fjacksoniv@aol.com.

Thanks so much!

6th Jun 2007, 12:51

I also own a 2.7 Intrepid. I had the engine rebuilt at 128000 miles and the tensioner went out after 50 miles, I had it replaced and now 4000 miles later it has failed again. Can someone send me the class action info?


21st Jun 2007, 11:20

I too have the same problem with the 2.7 engine on my 2000 dodge intrepid it has 82000 miles on it. My engine started to knock on it yesterday I havnt drove it since I'm scared its going turn off on me when I'm driving. Wha should I do? If anybody knows send me a email at oz2006@tmail.com please I need your help.

2nd Jul 2007, 13:53

I would like to know if and when/where/how, etc. a class action lawsuit is going on about this, and if so, is it too late for me to join, etc.

I had a 2002 Intrepid, 2.7 motor. Only 47,000 miles on it, changed oil regularly, and all. I am a female driver who doesn't drive much and I took GREAT care of this car. Well, that didn't matter because the engine blew in 3/07, only a few years after I had it.

The finance company had to repossess it because I still owed $6,600 on it (never missed a payment and never late even once). I was not about to pay $4,000.00 for a "Used" motor with "more mileage" on it than what I had, PLUS the full $6,600 I still owed.

So now I'm driving a 1995. I am very bummed because I had over $20,000.00 into that Dodge and now I have NOTHING TO SHOW.

Please, any class actions open on this?

Email me at coffeebeanbooks@hotmail.com.

2nd Jul 2007, 19:39

You can get these engines for way less than the dealer wants new. Then just find a good mechanic to drop it in and fill it with synthetic!

29th Jul 2007, 15:07

Ok, I'll stick to the facts:

The facts are the same as all the others who believe that Chrysler should buy the cars back. People buy cars not only for looks, but for transportation. There are hard working people like myself out there who need transportation to get to their jobs; jobs that pay for the car that gets us there. Not everyone has money to pay the cost of repairs to the 2.7 engine that Chrysler decided to put in my 2000 Dodge Intrepid.

If there is a class action law suit, I would be interested in any information I can get. I own a 1970 Dodge Charger with a real engine; 440 hp meaning high performance. Back in the day, the cars built by Chrysler meant something to the people who built them. With all the problems they're having with the intrepid, maybe the new Challenger shouldn't be built. They have an x on their record from me. Again I'm interested in the class action law suit.

Doug Myers


30th Jul 2007, 16:39

To July 29th, I'm of the same opinion. I nearly had a Mopar tattoo and for me there were no other stars in the sky besides Dodge, Plymouth, and Chrysler. I still say they made the best cars in the 1960's and 1970's, and their trucks were still the best through the 1980's. I have owned nothing but Dodge, Chrysler, and Plymouth my whole life (including currently a Barracuda and a Charger) and my family is similar. But, the last vehicle that I would honor with the name "Mopar" was the Ramcharger, which was discontinued in 1993.

It made me sick when they discontinued the Ramcharger, and even sicker when they replaced it with a Durango, and I lost faith when they discontinued the 318. With their history of bullet proof engines and transmissions, I never would have believed that they would have a small block V-8 that would be junk like the 4.7L, or junk transmissions. How do you go from making the Slant 6 to a piece of sludged out junk like the 2.7 L? They're not the same company that made my 318, 340, and 383, or my Torqueflite transmissions. For the new century, I bought a Ford.

I hated to say goodbye to Dodge, but they just don't have the cars that I love from previous decades. The new Challenger is what I would expect from the Mopar that I knew, and I'd still give them a chance on a rear wheel drive, V8, 2-door.