3rd Aug 2007, 09:15

Having the same problems with the same car:) please help me get in the class action...rpolimeni@comcast.net.

14th Aug 2007, 15:44

My 2001 Sebring's 2.7L engine failed at just over 70,000 miles, and of course just out of the warranty. This happened back in August of 2004, I have tried researching whether or not a class action lawsuit has been brought against them for this then and now again. I have found many people who are demanding it, but no clear answers. Please let me know if there has been a case made yet. miad0302@yahoo.com

14th Aug 2007, 19:18

Hi I have the same problem with my 2002 dodge intrepid it has 78,00 miles and the engine is knocking can someone guide where to go about the law suit.


22nd Aug 2007, 01:12

Yes, we too have had the same problems. Our 2000 Intrepid died while driving to church. No "dummy" light warnings... simply lost power and died. The car was paid off and well cared for and regular maintenance was performed to keep the car in top running condition... guess that didn't work. It's certainly not very convenient to be out of transportation under those circumstances. We too would like our car fixed or bought back... has any one had any luck with Chrysler? You can count us in on a lawsuit as well.


23rd Aug 2007, 15:30

2001 dodge intrepid.

Add me to the list.


25th Aug 2007, 13:40

I too have a 2003 Dodge Intrepid. I take very good care of the car. It only has 39,212 miles on it and I'm already having problems with the camshaft sensor and timing. And suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks sagar4@cox.net.

21st Sep 2007, 13:22

Add me to the countless victims. My 2001 Dodge Intrepid is dead at 83,200 miles. Always had the oil changed at dealership.

Have been having a problem with the oil "disappearing" for almost a year. Do you think the mechanic at Dodge could have warned us? You KNOW he knew about the problem. It's ridiculous to think a car should only last 6 years. Please email any info on class action suit to me at fieldsxfive@aol.com. Thanks.

10th Oct 2007, 12:59

Had to replace the engine in my 2000 intrepid at 69k for $4,200 two years ago, now timing chain is just about to break (again) according to my mechanic and I shouldn't drive at all until fixed. can't afford. please add me to lawsuit!!! bej64@sbcglobal.net

11th Nov 2007, 08:08

I'm having the same timing chain issue with my 2000 Intrepid. Only 69,000 miles. Is there any action being taken against Dodge and where can I get information about it.


7th Dec 2007, 14:05

In the same boat here. Bought the car used at about 75k miles and now it's dead at 137k miles and only 2 years since I bought it. I took it to a mechanic after I pulled a completely dry dipstick and they replaced the timing cover (it was cracked) and oil pan gasket - 1000 miles later I have a big crack in the valve cover and it won't run. Add me to the lawsuit Email me: Messiphesto@yahoo.com.

24th Jan 2008, 08:12

Same story here add my e-mail to the list southtxdrifter@aol.com.

20th Feb 2008, 12:35

My 2001 Chrysler Sebring's engine blew last week. I have fewer than 80,000 miles on it and am still under warranty. However, Chrysler assumes no responsibility and blames it all on me. I was burning a 1/2 quart of oila month and had no signal--from my car--that my oil was low. Chrysler states that I should have checked my oil each time I stopped for gas; that way, I would have known it was low. It's interesting, in this economy, how unhelpful and unfriendly Chrysler's employees were on the telephone.

6th Mar 2008, 10:51

My story is the same. I have an 2000 Intrepid 81,000. oil changed every 3k or sooner with syn oil. the oil light flickered engine started making noise. mechanic says engine needs replaced. Please add me or provide info on class action lawsuit. MMu8605543@aol.com.

7th Mar 2008, 11:00

Been there, done that.

The simple truth is, Chrysler is NOT standing behind these engines, despite knowing full well how many problems with sludge this engine has.

I even had a Chrysler customer service person volunteer, before I even mentioned what my problem was, that "our extended warranty covers every problem in the drivetrain EXCEPT sludge."

I meticulously changed the oil on my Sebring every 3,000 miles, switching to synthetic around 48K miles when I learned of the 2.7 problems. It didn't save the engine, which still died at 58,000 miles. Even though it's still under warranty, Chrysler will not fix it or honor its warranty.

You're right that they're being awfully nasty to customers in this recession when they cannot afford to lose anymore. Make sure that if they demand yet another government bailout, that they get told "NO WAY!" They're in the mess they're in today because of their terrible, terrible quality and rudeness to customers.

Sticking thousands of customers with late model, well-maintained cars that suffer catastrophic failures and $6,000 repair bills is a sure-fire way to destroy a company's reputation and reduce interest in its vehicles. Lo and behold, people aren't buying Chrysler cars anymore -- they've seen too many of their friends and family members burnt by this horrible excuse for a 2.7 engine and Chrysler's ridiculous efforts to Dodge responsibility (pun fully intended).

2nd Apr 2008, 15:24

I am having the same problems listed above. I have no idea what to do about it. I was driving my 2001 Dodge Intrepid, and the engine started to make odd clicking noises and vibrating the car. Then it shut off and will not come back on. The car only has 94,000 miles and it is the 3.2 liter engine. Oil was not the problem, I had it changed regularly. HELP!!

Please write with any information to: kristendreisbach@yahoo.com.

Thank you.

3rd Apr 2008, 13:04

I know this problem too well. I have found myself with the same problem. I went to change my oil, but first I did an engine flush. That same day...BooM! my engine was gone. How can we have this problem fixed? Is there a number we can call in regards to these Lemon cars?

17th Apr 2008, 14:48

I have an '02 Intrepid and have spent a lot of money in the past 6 months trying to keep it going. If there is a class action lawsuit, please inform me. Chrysler should pay for knowingly putting faulty engines on the road.


24th May 2008, 12:19

It just happened to me and I am shocked; the car has been well maintained like my other autos. Each are older and have much more mileage, but my 2002 Intrepid is dead with only 74,000 miles. Please let me know if any lawsuits are started. What a sham. The car was worth 6,000 Monday; today 500. Illinois

18th Jun 2008, 01:36

My beautiful, shiny, red Dodge Intrepid was purchased in 2006 from a private party. It currently has only 50,000 miles and the transmission died on the freeway in the middle of Nowhere, USA. Now I have a giant tow bill, a car sitting at my mechanic's yard, owe a few thousand on a loan and no car to take my kids to school 10 miles away. I too maintained the car with the upmost care. I had no idea of the impending problems. Guess we'll have it towed to the junk yard and call it a day since I don't have the $3000 my mechanic needs to "fix it". Thanks Chrysler!!!