18th Apr 2009, 20:08

My wife and I have a 2004 Dodge Intrepid, and we have the same exact problem. Engine failure, check engine light, and engine shut off while driving. The car have been park in our drive for at least 1-year. Also we did not know so many people had the same problem.

Antonio and Rachel Lockett

Wheaton Illinois

14th May 2009, 17:26

This is my story about infamous Intrepid 2001 2.7L and how I fixed the problem with the oil pressure light:

At around 110k mileage oil pressure light started flickering while the engine was hot and idle, and I got really scared at first, but then after doing some research, came to the conclusion that this is a known problem, and since I've been taking really good care of the car (oil changes every less than 3000 miles with Mobil 5000), I will leave it as it is and keep driving.

For the past few months I've seeing the light coming on and staying solid on while at stops, and I have really started worrying about what if the oil pressure is really low to the point that I could seize the engine. I got really scared today and decided to go to the Dodge dealer to measure the oil pressure and if all good, ask them to install part (05017800AA Wire Terminal/Vent) as per TSB NO: 08-36-99. When I arrived at the dealer service, I was told that oil pressure check would cost me 98.75 (what a rip off!) and then I asked if they had that part in stock. The guy behind the counter asked one of the mechanics to find that part for him, and after going through all the shelves and mechanic telling me "I swear that I've seen that wire somewhere yesterday" they couldn't find it.

Then (to my surprise) Dodge mechanic took me to the side and told me: "why would you want to spend $22 on the wire or even more on checking the oil pressure. You don't need that wire, instead of spending money this is what you should do: unplug the connector that connects to the oil switch sensor and you will see that there are two holes in the connector. On the back of that connector there is a wire that goes into first hole. The other hole has no wire but it has a square brownish plug. Grab a pair of players and remove that plug. Once that's done, connect the connector back to the switch and you should be good. Removing the plug will be equivalent to installing 05017800AA Wire Terminal/Vent and will serve the same purpose which is to vent..."

I took the car to my mechanic today, lifted the car up, removed the plug (remember it is on back of the connector where a wire goes in) and reconnected connector back to the switch.

I COULDN'T BELIEVE THAT IT FIXED MY PROBLEM!!! I drove around town for an hour and the light did not light up even once, whereas I had it ON and solid at every stop while driving to the dealer!!!

One thing worth mentioning: while removing the plug we've noticed that I have at least 3 leaks (transmission, oil switch (even thought I had it replaced 3 months ago!!!) and coolant). My mechanic's comment was: "don't even bother spending any more money on this car..."

Final Conclusion: even though that I've been taking REALLY good care of my dodge, it is simply a piece of crap and I recommend people to stay away from this car. BUYERS BEWARE!

27th Oct 2009, 12:41

I too have a 2004 Dodge Intrepid. It is the third Intrepid I have owned, and the first two were wonderful, and the first problems I had were after 80,000 miles. Both had the 2.7 L engine.

Since they stopped making Intrepids, I bought a used 2004 with a 3.5 L engine. The "check engine" light went on and the dealer replaced the cam shaft sensor. Later it went on again and they replaced the catalytic converter and sensors. Later, the light went on again and again they replaced the catalytic converter sensors.

This past week, the light went on again and a different dealer tightened the gas cap and the light went out. It makes one wonder!

17th Nov 2009, 22:15


Don't you just LOVE those days! Love your day EVEN MORE! Get RID of that Dodge 2.7 liter car before the Gremlins sneak out of your 2.7 and makes a nasty bite!

6th Mar 2010, 09:31

I brought a used 2004 Dodge Intrepid with 24K miles. One Feb 27,2010. That Monday March 1st. the check engine light came on and it stays on. Took it to AutoZone; they checked it out and said it was the gas cap, so I got a new one. And the light is still on. I really don't know what to do anymore. I didn't do my research before buying the car. And I'm hating that right about now. The car came from one of those side lots; the only warranty they put on it is 6 months or 6K miles engine or transmission. Or is it to late to just return the car back for my down payment back, or something, or anything? Cause if this car breaks down, I AM NOT PAYING FOR IT AT ALL. HELP ME PLEASE. What do I do?

15th Jun 2010, 22:04

I bought a 2004 Intrepid in February of 2009. It started out to be a good car, and is the one of the most comfortable cars I have ever driven. But now it is nickel and diming me to death.

I have replaced the brake pads twice, also replaced rotors, radiator, thermostat, replaced the cooling fans twice.

Also the air conditioner needs an evaporator, and when it rains real hard, water comes in on drivers side floor, but can't figure out from where.

Just 2 weeks ago I was on my way to work, and it started running hot, so we realized the cooling fans weren't coming on, so we again replaced the fans. Then the relays blew, so we replaced them 3 times in one week.

Just when we think we have it fixed, something else happens.

I found someone who specializes in the 2.7 ltr engine. He came and towed it about 60 miles away, and said it needed the ECM and some coils replaced, which cost me 700 dollars. I picked the car up on Friday, and on Monday it did exactly the same thing. It keeps blowing a fuse and melting the coil when I try to start it. Does anyone have any ideas what this could be.

I am a single mom who has totally run out of money, and am in danger of losing a good job because I don't have a way to work. I bought another coil this morning, and some more fuses, put the new coil in, and a fuse, it fired right up, I drove it half a block, it stalled out, and blew the fuse and burnt the coil up again.

Any ideas please help, or I am going to end up jobless and homeless because of a Dodge...

6th Aug 2010, 10:18

I own 2 Dodge Intrepids, and I bought them new. One in 2002, and the other a 2004. Both have the 2.4L engine.

I have not had any major problems except the overheating of the 02 this past summer. It was my fault since I did not flush and fill the radiator with new fluid according to the suggested change interval.

I too have had the emissions light light up, and found that the gas cap is not sealing properly when I replace after a fill up. I re-tighten and the light goes off. I have replaced the brake pads twice on each car, and the 02 has 160,000 miles, and the 04 120,000 miles.

Overall I have been very pleased with the cars. With regular maintenance, I have seen no major issues.