2004 Dodge Intrepid from North America


Don't buy a Dodge Intrepid


The drivers window always comes off the track, I've heard this a lot from other owners.

Also we are having major problems with the engine jerking and stalling out. We have replaced the cam sensor and the crank sensor twice, and this is a reoccurring problem. The dealers can't seem to find the problems. We have it in the shop for the eighth time in one month.

General Comments:

I would not buy another Dodge again. I've never had a car as bad as the Dodge Intrepid. I hope people check into this car before buying. I wish I had, and now we are stuck with this junk.

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Review Date: 2nd December, 2005

13th Dec 2011, 07:12

I'm having the same issues with my 2004 Dodge Intrepid. The car is stalling and jerking, and I can tell when I'm going to have a problem, because the cruise light goes out. When the cruise light stays on, the car runs great. How are the crank and cam sensors related to the cruise control?

I had the crankshaft sensor replaced a year ago, and it ran good up until now. Now I had the cam shaft sensor replaced. The computer says that the problems could be wiring, oxygen sensor related, catalytic converter related... etc. My mechanic is baffled.

My email is cvirag@pgwglass.com if you have a fix.

2004 Dodge Intrepid ES 2.7L from North America


The 2.7 engine makes what could be a nice car a piece of junk


Engine randomly dies on me.

Check engine light comes on sometimes and then goes away.

Car sometimes won't start.

Car recently began bogging down.

General Comments:

General looks of this car are nice.

Interior is very roomy.

However, Dodge's 2.7 liter engine has been known for it's many issues.

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Review Date: 2nd May, 2005

1st Sep 2005, 12:58

I'm just now doing the 100,000 mile tune-up on my 2.7l Intrepid and it has run great, never have had a problem with it yet. (knock on wood)

3rd Nov 2005, 21:28

Have you had them look at your cam sensor? We took our 2004 intrepid back to the dealer and they fixed it right away. We were having the same type of problems. We are keeping our fingers crossed that our 2.7 holds together.

2004 Dodge Intrepid 2.7 V6 from North America


The Dodge 2.7 motor needs to be recalled


To whom it may concern:

I bought a 2004 Dodge Intrepid with about 24,000 miles on it. It seemed like a solid car, and I spent the extra money because I wanted a reliable car to carry me through 5 or 6 years.

I do a lot of driving, and at 52,000 the oil light came on; I stopped immediately and checked the oil level, coolant and for any obvious problems, but there were none. I drove it slowly to the place where I bought it, and they told me that the after-market oil filter on it was the problem (did not know Fram was an after-market brand). I said OK, let them change the oil and put the recommended oil filter on it.

23 miles toward home, the oil light was on again. I called the dealer and was told to bring it in so they could look at it. I was going on a vacation, so I rented a car after buying a ‘dependable one’, dropped the Dodge off at the dealer, and came back in a week.

Upon picking the car up, I was told they could not duplicate the problem. Again, on the way home the oil light came on again. At this point I hit the Internet and got an education on this ‘problem’. Armed with this new information about the defect, I confronted the dealer who denied knowledge of the issue (yes, right). After going up the management chain, I was told to use the extended warranty that I bought with the car, being 2,000 miles out of Dodge warranty. I called the extended warranty people and explained the situation, and told them the car still ran, but was showing signs of this defect. They promptly told me that “since the vehicle is still running, it cannot be covered under the warranty." At this point it was a maintenance issue as far as they were concerned. Also, if I were to continue to drive the vehicle without getting it fixed, they would consider me negligent and deny any claims with this issue.

I went back to the dealer and explained all this with the new information, and was coldly told that they would not do anything. The car was 46 days out of the Texas Lemon Law (yippee). This left me with a decision; I owed $25,000 (I ate some negative trade in value on 2 cars), I have to replace the motor at an estimated cost of 8,000 to 10,000 dollars, and that motor will have the same problem, (gee what to do). Also, since I do my own vehicle maintenance, I found out that I am ineligible for the extended warranty. I was told “You must prove by records from a commercial facility that the oil changes were done according to the manufacturer’s schedule.”

Why don’t you just call me a liar to my face? I have a 1964 Chevy Truck, original motor (99 percent untouched), even the paint is still in decent shape. They are telling me my family does not know how to care for a vehicle? The truck has been in my family since it was driven off the showroom floor, and has never seen an ‘oil shop’. The maintenance facility it is used to is a jack and a shade tree. They don’t build them like they used to.

To quit rambling, I have been forced into bankruptcy courtesy of this car. I refuse to make payments on something I can’t drive and can’t afford to fix; not to mention all the time and effort fighting this thing. This should not be happening. Any reputable mechanic who has looked into one of these motors would tell you the motor has a serious design flaw. There are numerous sites on the Internet about this.

Thanks Dodge.

Aaron L. VanBuren

13001 Cleveland Gibbs Road, #46

Roanoke, Texas 76262



P.S. Do you want to help? Send a check for $60,000. That will pay off the $25,000 loan on the 2004 Dodge Intrepid, get me a reliable vehicle, and a little for you being a pain and destroying what little credit history I had built up. But I understand that is wishful thinking. Who stands behind their products anymore? Certainly not Chrysler/Dodge.

General Comments:

Good body, 2.7 motor sucks.

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Review Date: 12th April, 2005

12th Apr 2005, 15:09

Check the oil level sensor.

13th Apr 2005, 15:40

If you change the oil on any car while it is still under warranty that warranty will be voided.

20th Apr 2005, 15:34

Wow! Your experience almost mirrors my own. Only I bought a new 1999 Dodge Intrepid. I did put in a new motor at 59,000 because I was already invested in the junk. Well, I'm looking at another engine at the moment. Low and behold this one is doing the same thing. Little over 2 years after putting in a new one. (A Chrysler one, the dealership put in... not an aftermarket) The thing is, I will not put in another one. Went to trade it in and was told they would be generous and give me $1000 for it. Because of the engine I still owe $2500 on a car I spent $20,000 on! It burns me up. I feel your pain. It's funny that everyone has the same comment about the service people..."Not able to duplicate the problem" I was told this numerous times. I guess they are PAID well. With my luck they will recall these engines after I'm rid of the car. I just hope I make it home from work today. My oil light is on and won't go off. Will never by a dodge product again because of the service. Beautiful cars, poor service......and service means everything to the average person.