2004 Dodge Intrepid SXT V6 High Output from North America


The King of the Intrepid line!


I have had an unknown individual hit and run the front right side panel.

Insurance and the dealer fixed it and the alignment.

General Comments:

The most thing about my SXT is that it seems to handle better in the worst possible road conditions. From snow storms, to hurricanes, to high winds, blowing road trash at you doing 75-85mph.

This is the 2nd Intrepid that I own, and the 3rd for my family.

This car is still new, but it runs like the devil. Since I've had the car in Dec. '03, I've made a 3000 mile run to Kansas and back to North Carolina. Every weekend I run about a 275-300 mile run. Also about once a month, I make a 400+ mile run into Virginia. I have just passed the 21000 mile mark in Sept '04.

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Review Date: 23rd September, 2004

2nd Oct 2004, 12:19

What part of North Carolina do you live in? I live around the Greensboro area and can tell you, unless you go up to Canada first, and then to Kansas, it's not 3000 miles.

2004 Dodge Intrepid 2.7L from North America


Best bang for the buck


Nothing at all; this car runs great.

General Comments:

I think most of you Intrepid owners should look on the internet for an oil and filter study. Too many people are losing engines, and most of them are always looking in the papers for the lowest cost oil change. I read a report on oil filters this week, and I was shocked at the results of the study: the oil filters we buy in the local dealers or auto part stores are nothing but junk. Coupled with the motor oil most people buy, you damage your engine all of the time. IF you're going to own one of these modern day cars, you better look into the oil and filter you purchase for your car. Sludge only builds up in an engine because people use cheap oil, and use it too long between oil changes; that's the simple truth. When a person keeps the car running too long between oil changes, they wont tell the truth about it, and then complain when the engine fails. If you want the car to run a long time, start looking at the oil and filters you use in your car. You can't buy a good oil filter for 3.99 at your local auto parts store; a good oil filter costs about 10.00 - 11.99 and then you are getting protection for your engine. 99 cent motor oil, on sale is not the proper oil to put in these cars.

Think about it; why should you pay 20,000+ for a car, and a 19.99 oil change and think you did something important?

Get real folks, you get what you pay for. Stop complaining about the high cost of maintenance and take proper care of your car, and it will give you good service.

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Review Date: 11th September, 2004

14th Sep 2004, 10:07

That nothing, but the truth.

29th Oct 2004, 15:13

Beware of the Intrepids. Especially the 93-97 years. Very poor reliability. My cousin worked at a dealer and Dodge was shipping a skid of transmissions with the new car shipments back then. I had a 94 Concorde and 95 Intrepid. Expensive filters and Oil have had nothing to do with the problems I had. Intrepid had 3 transmissions in less than 105 miles...nice, suspension problems(worn out ungreasable parts), condenser failure, plug wires fail every 30k. Concorde had no-starting issues, air conditioner issues 22 times to the dealer in 18 months. Stay away from these cars. The front suspension is poorly made as well. The poor cold starting problem in most of the posts that I read about these cars is probably caused by the "Fuel rail leak" recall that occured years ago. The local dealer pinched the oring upon reinstalling my fuel pressure regulator during this recall. It didn't have the cold start before the recall and didn't have it after I fixed the oring either. If you have one of these cars that hasn't needed a lot of work great... keep on enjoying them. They are sporty, quick, great kid haulers that look good too. If you have a good set of tools and service manual you can't go wrong. Buy expensive oil and filters if you want as well they won't help the poor design of the transmissions or the worn out suspension components.