2004 Dodge Intrepid SE 2.7 from North America


Too new to tell


Wheel bearings and purge valve solenoid.

General Comments:

I bought this car like a week ago. Very inexpensive. I could tell it needed wheel bearings. I could hear them humming, but it’s a cheap fix and fairly easy with the right tools.

It also had a check engine light. The code said it needs a purge valve solenoid and a purge valve canister. The first part is cheap and easy to fix, and the second part is about $100 and fairly easy to fix.

Everything works on the car. The oil looks good and so does the coolant. I hope it’s a decent second car. I don’t have a bunch of money tied up in it, so maybe it will be OK. I figure at 16 years old maybe all the bugs have been worked out. It’s not worth putting major money into it, so here's hoping it lasts for a while.

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Review Date: 6th August, 2020

7th Aug 2020, 02:06

7th Aug 2020, 14:57

Oil sludge was a huge problem on these engines. Almost as bad as the same problem that various Toyota engines had.

8th Aug 2020, 12:45

As the writer suggests, those kinks have probably been worked out by 113000 miles. “Everything works”, which would include the engine. Sounds like a real good car for the price.

2004 Dodge Intrepid ES 2.7 from North America


After owning that car for 14 years, it is a great car!


Water pump and starter only.

General Comments:

I am happy with the car and I'm surprised at how low a rating it has.

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Review Date: 8th March, 2018

2004 Dodge Intrepid 2.7 L from North America




Tie rod ends needed replacement (82,000).

Needed new calipers at 85,000.

Needed new master cylinder at 85,000.

Starter went out at 90,000.

Sides started rusting in 2010.

Driver's window went off track in 2010.

Climate control recently became sluggish (within the last year).

General Comments:

This car has been nothing but problems and a money sink.

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Review Date: 3rd June, 2013

21st Jun 2013, 16:57

So you owned it for 4 years, and these were the only issues? That's pretty much wear and tear stuff. I'd say it's actually been a great car.

2004 Dodge Intrepid 2.7 from North America


Let's see. I have an 04 Intrepid, biggest mistake of my life. Spend more time fixing than driving it.

Broken down again as of now. Has only 90,000 on it. Bought it a couple of months ago, never in my life have I owned a lemon like this.

After reading the problems everyone else has had, now I know Dodge is a lemon, and no way in hell would I ever buy another car from those idiots again!!!

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Review Date: 4th October, 2009

4th Oct 2009, 17:18

If you had checked the reviews before you purchased this car, you would have seen the 2.7l engine is defective. If you had purchased this vehicle with the 3.5l, it would have been an awesome car - one of the best large cars available.

5th Oct 2009, 04:52

A year back I considered buying one, I still am, but all this talking of problems has temporarily put me off.

Currently I'm considering a really low mileage (18 K miles!!) example, but this is probably too pricey. Was offered one for $800, having a reasonable 110 K miles on the clock, but it had a shot transmission and a ton of other problems. Seller just wanted the car off his front yard.

One of the sharpest looking cars around, and drives really well too, but the quality is just a complete joke. Problem is that the quality problems do not seem to be narrowed down to a specific year or engine type. They all seem bad, with the 2.7 L as the scary option. Revvy and good on fuel when they run, but this engine really has it's fair share of problems: Valve chain tension problems, oil blockages since the whole oil feeding system is very weak, sludging on some engines, a lot of head/valve problems, head gaskets, overheating problems, premature wear on the crank shaft, intake problems (weak sealing). I've studied the matter well and every person in the trade I've talked with say the 2.7 is a problem. Don't get surprised if the engine starts to act up at below 100 K, and be lucky if it lasts 150 K. This engine seldom sees 200 K. I talked with a Chrysler/Dodge mechanic and he said he had never seen a 2.7 go past 200 K without any problems.

24th May 2016, 20:41

My first (2004) 2.7L made it to 295000 Km and was still running like a freight train, when it was rear-ended at a red light by a woman who was speeding and texting. The car was a write-off, but the Intrepid's massive structural strength saved me from serious injury.

My second (2004) 2.7L made it to 285000Km when a brake-pipe burst. It was going to cost $1500 to replace the brake-pipe on a car that was worth $1500, so I sold it to a salvage yard. Would I buy another one? Yes! But change the oil at 5000Km intervals, and use synthetic oil.