2004 Dodge Intrepid SE 2.7 from North America


You must get this car!


The drivers window jammed and that has been all the problems with the car.

General Comments:

A very good car. For the money. Gets 27 to 30 miles to the gallon for a full-size car. Very Impressed.

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Review Date: 30th August, 2006

1st Sep 2006, 23:24

Yea I jus got a 2003 dodge intrepid and it is good on gas. it is very spacious.I'm loving it.

21st Apr 2008, 19:21

I owned a 2003 Dodge Intrepid SE and recently traded it in although I LOVED that car. The only thing I disliked was the horrible gas mileage on it and it only got worse. It got 16 MPG, even on highway it was only about 18 or 19 MPG. However, I also had owned a 1999 Dodge Intrepid base model right before that. I never had any major problems with either one... just regular maintenance. By the way, the first one we got rid of b/c it was totaled in a rear-end collision on the highway during deer season in Oklahoma, and the other car we got rid of because we had a second baby and needed extra "van" space to accommodate 2 car seats better, although the intrepid was very roomy. Gosh, I miss those cars!

2004 Dodge Intrepid ES 3.5 from North America


Zoom zoom zoom


Problem filling gas tank, promptly corrected by dealer.

General Comments:

This car replaced a smaller vehicle, I felt the need for a bigger vehicle to keep my family safe from so many SUVs and Pick-up on the road. Size does matter.

Great car for long distance driving, comfortable, roomy, well thought out controls, smooth acceleration.

Great handling in snowy and windy conditions.

Challenging to park in tight spots.

Interior has lots of plastic trim. (Altough I found this to be a positive, since it is easier to clean up).

Built quality in this vehicle is on par with any vehicle in this price range.

I recommend the Intrepid ES, to anyone interested in a bigger, safer vehicle.

This car is an absolute pleasure to drive.

I would steer clear of the 2.7L engine!!

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Review Date: 16th February, 2006

2004 Dodge Intrepid 2.7 Liter V6 from North America


I've never seen a car so young, yet so old


Well, let's see...

Head gasket, dash lamps, transmission, and so many other electrical switches. I have at least 17 repair bills on this car alone.

General Comments:

Please know one thing; I am a car salesman and I do not own this car (a demo); I drive it, but do not own it.

I like it. Flat out, I really like this car.

You may ask me "why?" because of the numerous bills and problems this car has had in the last 2000 miles. Mostly it's because I like the way it looks inside and out; that's it. Since I didn't have to pay for the repairs (covered by our Dodge dealership and warranty) I still like the car.

Now, if I were to own this car I think the entire tone of the review would change. This car has had at least $3500 of work (if not covered by warranty) sunk into it already, and it has only 24K on the clock as of now. I have never seen a car with so few miles have so many problems.

This car would be considered a lemon (by me) if it were the only such instance I've seen. But after personally dealing with over 20 unhappy customers with an Intrepid, I no longer can sell it because of my own guilty conscience. I have to say that even though I work for Dodge as a salesman, I still think this has to be one of the worst cars produced in a very long while. It boggles me to think there is a car which has been so terrible and yet produced for so many years. At least fix the problems!

Anyway in short, don't buy one; not from me nor from anyone else!

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Review Date: 5th January, 2006