19th Dec 2007, 12:50

Well my 2001 (I bought it in 2002 with 42,000 miles) was laid to rest the other day. All I did was oil changes, and did make it to 219,992 miles; almost made that 220,000. If I had found this site earlier, no way would I have bought it. The prolems I had were a broken ignition, 2 wheel bearings, and the differential; I didnt know it had its own housing.

20th Dec 2007, 11:23

I to came to this site because my "check engine light" came on... I am worried, but have been part of the lucky few... we maintain our car and do everything the book tells us, I have a 2002 intrepid 2.7. I have own foreign and this car has ranked up there with it for performance and reliability. I am going to assume my problem is the gas tank as I just filled up prior to the light coming on. I am a strong believe in a lot of these comments above about care. I realize that most of us do the regular things to our cars, but if you bought it used... don't you think they are selling it for a reason. most of you bought someone else problem by the sounds of it. Well here is to the future and the complaining.

I hope I am right about the gas thing because there are a lot of people that have dropped a lot of money into there intrepid.

29th Dec 2007, 21:19

My mother purchased her 2002 Intrepid, 2.7 liter motor, new.

It currently as 53,000 miles. She has kept up with the scheduled maintenance. She has recently noticed some dash lights flashing and has now had her check engine light on all the time. The heater works intermittently. My husband went to check it out thinking that the thermostat may be sticking and needed to be replaced. Upon raising the hood, he immediately noticed corrosion around the thermostat housing. Everything else was clean. He checked the oil and added 16 oz. and also added 1 qt of 50/50 long-life antifreeze. He picked up a thermostat at a local parts store, but was unable to access all of the bolts to remove the housing. He found this website looking for tips on how to change the thermostat. Now he is concerned that there is more than just a routine maintenance issue with the thermostat. He is interested to follow this site to see what develops. It looks like my mother is not the only one having these problems. Is Chrysler responding positively to any of these issues? We read about possible class action measures being taken. Is there anyone we need to contact to get information on getting help for my Mothers' car problems. Please let us know at jgal@cableone.net.

31st Dec 2007, 00:13

I came to this site to try and find out where my antifreeze is going. Not on the ground! The oil looks good. The windows do not fog up and there is no antifreeze smell in the car. I had to replace the thing that looks like a thermostat housing, it isn't, but it was leaking. That was 6 months ago. Lately, I'm adding antifreeze every other day. It should show up somewhere!

23rd Jan 2008, 16:45

Hi all, I have an 03' Intrepid, also blue, but a long shot from being thunder. Just recently started having problems early this past year. I've had it for 3. Every thing that I've heard is not haunting me. I've have had an evap leak, screeching tires that sound far worse than the fingernails on the chalk-board. I got new brakes for that, a front-end alignment, and neither have worked. whatever that mystery problem is it's causing my tires to wear out faster. As a result of that. The tire companies will not honor my tire warranties. They always say that you need an alignment. I've had 2. Now the check engine light is showing that the barometric pressure is low/ map sensor issues. The list goes on and on. Something deffinitely isn't right, if all of our cars were made in different years, they continued to produce these cars for several years, with many of the same problems for everyone, very weird. Please continue to post so that I don't miss out on the recall. Oh, and the Stratus wasn't much better. I have an 05' sitting under the tree, nice and shiny, and won't make it out of the yard, I feel like I paid for it twice.


24th Jan 2008, 08:19

Wow-just read all the comments and now I'm really worried. Bought a 2004 Intrepid brand in April 2004. It's been running fine for the most part. Had a check engine sensor that came on within a year of purchasing the vehicle. Dealership said it couldn't find anything after running tests and did a reset. Then in November 2007 the check engine light came on. I too had noticed on a rare occasion while sitting at a light the engine might have a rough cycle for a second or two. Took the vehicle in and they said the sensor module would have to be replaced. OH--btw--I have always gotten the vehicle serviced at the Dodge dealership. Pay more, but you hope they are fixing stuff. January of 2008 the check engine light came on. I was half way down the freeway and turned around and drove it back to the dealer. They ran tests and said a shifter cable was ruined and it plus some sort of plastic end cap would both have to be replaced. I looked at them and said "Plastic--you've got to be kidding." I forget which part was not in and had to be ordered. Had to use a rental car for a couple of days and then picked up the car. The thing only had 38k on it.

I have always gotten the oil changed every 3,000. I ditched a 1995 Ford Taurus which had to have everything replaced on it. Was hoping I'd have better luck going back to Dodge, as I've owned different Dodge vehicles from 1984-1995. Well, if there is a class lawsuit let me know too. This is really disturbing. Maybe it's time to consider Honda or Hyundai or something else.

2nd Mar 2008, 20:15

I bought a 02 Dodge Intrepid about a year ago with 58,000 miles on it. It now has 77,000 miles.

I have had a problem with the oil light coming on at lights or when I hold the brake. When I start to drive it goes off. I have also had problems with the transmission or engine; not sure which one. Lower right at bottom light is coming on and staying on unless I unplug the battery and reset the car; it goes off and will stay off for a while.

Can someone please tell me about this action lawsuit, and if someone knows anything about this please. My email is Chigrl21@aol.com thank you...

7th May 2008, 22:36

Hey everyone, seems like I am having all the trouble you guys are having. My 2002 dodge intrepid se has been in the shop way too many times--transmission done at 32,000 -- radiator--many times the censors--air/heater problems--brakes (lost track) -- struts and the list goes on. If anyone has any info, please email me also!!! airartcustoms@yahoo.com.