9th Dec 2010, 12:23

I now have 6,000 km on the vehicle, so far no issues. Only thing is the most I can get is 22 MPG. Other than that I love this vehicle.

18th Jan 2011, 17:27

I think the Journey looks really nice compared to some of the competition!

29th Mar 2011, 04:56

My Journey 2010 2.4 STX 7 passenger is now at 9000 kilometers. It feels more powerful and gives me almost 20 mile per gallon of gas with 5 passengers in highway and 16 in city.

I also put it a new air filter and synthetic oil and oil filter for the engine. I will do the service cause in Dodge it is extremely expensive. I put it HID headlamps and LEDS in all the position lights. I put a high performance air filter and now the engine has a better performance and accelerates faster.

In 2009 this version was cheaper and I hope that Dodge stops raising its prices.

10th Oct 2012, 12:41

Today, going on with my review of my Dodge Journey 2.4, now it has reached 20 000 Km. I drive very short distances, and rarely do I drive it on long trips on the highway (twice a year).

I found premature wear of the brakes and disk rotors, especially the rear brake pads. When I braked at high speed, there was a shake in the steering wheel, and a vibration in the brake pedal, so I changed the rear brake pads and did the machine job of the rear rotor, and problem solved. The rear brake pads that I bought were original equipment, and came imported from Brazil, and are very expensive in comparison with other better aftermarket ceramic brake pads, which have more quality and durability.

I cleaned the injectors, and change sparks to ones of Iterbio, which have a thinner electrode and have better ignition.

The Dodge Journey feels good, and in the USA there is a recall because of the premature wearing of the brake pads and brake rotors. Here in Mexico, there is very bad service, and nobody has let me know about this recall that I saw on a page about Dodge on the Internet.