1962 Dodge Lancer from North America


Very cool, would love to find my car or another one

General Comments:

It was my first car. Loved everything about it. Minor rust, original hub caps looked like new. Unfortunately, my brother moved drove it out of storage in Michigan while I was deployed, and it was towed from Dayton Ohio. I wasn't made aware of it until a couple of years later. Don't know what happened to it. Hope the new owner takes good care of it.

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Review Date: 9th July, 2007

23rd Feb 2009, 15:01

Hello to everyone that visit this page and I need your help to find a store or a phone number for an 1962 dodge lancer master cylinder brakes. My e-mail will be noruma6262@yahoo.com.


24th Feb 2009, 15:50

I would suggest going to Google and just typing in all kinds of combinations of Dodge Brakes Lancer Classic Cars, etc. You're bound to find somebody who carries your parts.

1955 Dodge Lancer Custom Royal 270 Hemi from North America


True glamorous survivor, with all the memories to boot


Actually, nothing has "gone wrong" with it, it sat for too long and the gas turned to molasses, messing up the fuel tank, lines and carb. I wasn't alive when this was a daily (three times a month) driver of my Grandfather's, but my mom said it never broke down.

There are some small holes in the mufflers, but they're 50 years old now. Timing is off a bit.

General Comments:

This car is great, and all original, including the two-tone paint, and interior. My grandfather ordered it new, and kept it in a garage all its life.

It has a rare option - "power-pack" where you get factory dual exhaust, 4-barrel carb and a three speed manual (three on the tree) transmission with overdrive. I've been told it's a rare car due to it's original shape and options.

Really runs well, and drives smooth. These old hemi's have a sound all their own. I'll probably pass it down to my son, Ben, when he learns to drive it safely (about age 33).

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Review Date: 26th September, 2006

1988 Dodge Lancer Shelby 2.2 turbo II from North America


Very fast off the line!


I have replaced teh power steering three times. I not sure if I had a leak every time or it just went out. At approxitmatelly 135,000 mile the clutch went out.

At about 158,000 the speedometer and the mileage counter quit working all the time. So teh car probably has 180,000 miles.

General Comments:

I love this car! I presently own a Toyota pick up and a BMW 750 IL and someone asked me why I still had teh Shelby Lancer? I told the person that the car is very fast and fun to drive. I have blown the doors off several much more expensive car off the line (I usually stop racing at the speed limit of the road.)

The car was in perfect condition when I bought it and it has been very reliable and cheap to maintain.

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Review Date: 11th July, 2004

1987 Dodge Lancer 4 cylinder from North America


You Get What You Pay For With The Lancer


The car was sad to begin with. I bought it for almost nothing to have as a second family car. It had no radio, no nothing.

I had issues with the radiator early on, around 135,000 miles.

As soon as I sold it to a semi-friend of mine, the master cylinder died immediately and the car never recovered. But, he did paint a very fancy Smurf mural on the hood that I actually kind of liked.

General Comments:

To it's credit... I got in an accident with it. A 1993 Dodge Spirit slammed into me. The Lancer left the scene unscathed. The Spirit, however, was probably totaled and I felt bad cause the woman has JUST made the final payment on her Spirit and it was now dead to the world.

The idle was always rough on the car and I could never get it to a happy medium. The ride was always rough and noisy as well. There was no way you could concentrate on anything, but the car while driving. It demanded your full attention.

It was rather reliable. It got everyone where they needed to be. I drove a friend of mine to work every morning at 6 AM and it drove the 30 miles roundtrip just fine, but it was mainly an "around town" car. But, it just didn't cut it. It is not a luxury vehicle... these days if you find an 87, just be happy it runs. Mine ran like it was 5 years older than it was.

Maybe it was the case that it was poorly taken care of -- who knows who had driven it the 12 years prior to my ownership -- but for $450, you get what you pay for.

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Review Date: 9th July, 2004