1986 Dodge Lancer ES 2.2L Turbocharged from North America


Not an EVO, but still a trip!


After putting up with quite a bit of abuse, the stock transmission went out. It was replaced with a new unit and has been acting fine.

The engine was rebuilt (cracked block) at 220,000 miles.

The turbo is VERY tempermental- sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but dealers and independent mechanics alike have no idea what's wrong.

The clear-coat has begun to oxidize and strip off severely.

General Comments:

My first car. I love it to death. Excellent for a four-door, four cylinder car.

I'm addicted to the whistle of a turbocharger now, and the engine is very easily modified due to it's commonality across the Dodge/Chrysler line.

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Review Date: 8th November, 2002

23rd Sep 2004, 11:11

I have owned a 1986 Dodge Lancer ES since April of 1995. Paid $200. for it. It has 224,000. miles on it. It runs like a new one, will outdo anything on the road (has) and I wouldn't take a million for it. I've been driving for 49 years, had lots of cars that I paid a whole lot more for, but this is very definitely the best, the very best. I love it.

1989 Dodge Lancer Shelby 2.2 turbo Intercooled from North America


If you are looking for something fun, this is it, but if you want reliability look else where


I blew up the original 2.2 motor in it, because the person I bought it from had swapped in an engine from a NA 2.2...too much compression.

Broke the drivers axle between the street racing and drag strip launches.

Alternator took a crap.

Seats were leather and were not taken care of before me... all cracked.

Turbo lasted until 126,000---original with the car--at 16 psi of boost... not really bad I guess.

Clutch and pressure plate shot.

A lot of parts were worn out at this point due to the mile I guess.

General Comments:

I love this car, but luckily I am very handy with things like this.

If you are looking for a reliable car... look else ware, I always seem to have something smoking or broken, but if you are like me and your girlfriend has a newer car...ie. 97 neon, grab it!

Not the lightest Chrysler had to offer, but still lighter than a lot of newer cars.

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Review Date: 26th October, 2002

5th May 2005, 01:36

Get a Neon? Your kidding right? The Shelby lancer would win hands down reliability wise over a neon.

1962 Dodge Lancer 770 225 Aluminum-block Slant-6 from North America


A tremendously cool car if you can find one


Required a new starter motor.

Left headlamp bulb burned out.

Air conditioner required a recharge.

Heater control valve cable was kinked; fixed myself.

General Comments:

There's nothing as cool as a '62 Dodge Lancer. The pushbutton-operated automatic transmission is efficient and smart; the 225 is torquey and sounds nice, and the styling is very unique!

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Review Date: 24th October, 2001

22nd Apr 2003, 06:17

I bought a new 62 Lancer in July of 1962. This was a 770, it was a 4-door and light gray with the most beautiful blue interior. Only problems with the car, was paint would not stick to the door rockers. Have never seen any in any of the auto shows, they must have all rusted away. After three years, the tops of front fenders rusted by the door, and then above the head lights. This was normal for cars of that time. Was a very smooth, well powered car.

1985 Dodge Lancer LS 2.2 turbo from North America


A high performer, but a big fixer - the harder you drive the more you fix


The car always seems to have something wrong. We bought it used with the turbocharger shot on it. We changed that and drove it.

A brake line went, then another one went.

The power-steering hoses started to leak and bust, so we changed that, then the radiator started to leak. We put new brakes in then.

The idle control stabilizer motor went out. Then the throttle position sensor died. Then it blew a head gasket.

Now it's totally fixed till tommorrow.

General Comments:

The car rides nice though with a leather interior, and heated seats.

It also has a nice digital dash and great gas mileage - 43mpg.

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Review Date: 24th May, 2001

29th May 2001, 16:40

I have an 86 Lancer ES. I think you put the gas mileage in Kilo's.

But the car is great, but the only problem I have had was the water pump went out. And the shifter cable wears out at about 75,000 miles.

I see about 22 mpg. But I play it hard.

1985 Dodge Lancer 5 door sedan hatchback 2.2L from North America


Not so much the car, but the dealer that sucks


The front CV shafts are going out.

The fuel filter cracked.

The distributor went out.

Also there was a hole in the exhaust.

The seats are losing their upholstery.

General Comments:

We've had the local Dodge dealer work on the car and they obviously did a bad job.

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Review Date: 22nd May, 2001

15th May 2002, 15:45


My name is Clifford, I have a 1985 Dodge Lancer. My Lancer does have it's share of problems, the serious one being a broken cv-axle. But the car still runs great. I'm one of those people who get to laugh at the guy in the fancy new car that won't start in the winter. My car starts every time I turn the key. I am happy with my Lancer and plan to keep it on the road for a couple more years. Then maybe give it a complete overhaul. And you should never take a dodge/chrysler to a dodge/chrysler shop for repairs. They could build the cars, but they sure can't fix them. ;o)

1985 Dodge Lancer 2.2 Turbo from North America


2 turbos, transmission was rebuilt once, and rack and pinion was replaced, AC hasn't worked for years.

General Comments:

I think it's time for a new car.

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Review Date: 30th December, 1999