1995 Dodge Neon Sport Coupe 2.0 DOHC from North America


Cute car, good performer, poorly built


Radio display died in the first month. On the second radio, the buttons don't always do what they are labeled.

55,000 miles - A/C compressor failed, replaced under warranty.

88,000 miles - Head gasket and other engine seals failed. Cost $1083, dealer told me to call Chrysler, Chrysler told me to take it up with the dealer.

91,000 miles - clutch failed due to leaking oil accumulation. Read main seal also leaking. Cost $900.

103,000 miles - cam seal fails, oil leaks into the clutch, clutch fails. Clutch $700, cam seal, probably $250+. Dealer, Chrysler Customer Care (sic), and Atlanta Zone Office refuse to help.

General Comments:

We were hooked on the Neon during the 1994 Super Bowl and waited until Feb 1995 for the Sport Coupe. Interior room, seats, ventilation, ride, handling and acceleration are great! Passenger side window sill leaks air, and Neon is very noisy at highway speeds.

Most disappointing are Dodge dealer and Chrysler Corp response to problems, 'Tough, cars break down'. Well built cars do not break down before 100,000 miles. I will not buy a Chrysler product again.

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Review Date: 10th March, 2001

1995 Dodge Neon Highline 2.2 from North America


A pile of trouble on four wheels!


Horn was replaced 5 times (dealer finally stated that the horn was installed upside down at the factory and was getting rain in it).

Headlights were replaced 3 times (water was entering the assembly).

Windshield wipers quit working.

General Comments:

Windows would not stay rolled up.

Rain leaked in when it rained or went through a carwash.

Was a loud running car.

Dealership was rude and very arrogant.

Would not reccommend any Chrysler product due to the service department and reliability issues.

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Review Date: 7th January, 2001

22nd Apr 2001, 19:12

I am curious to know if your Neon was made in the U.S. or Mexico. There is a sticker on the window stating where it was made.

I've heard that the one's made in Mexico were problematic versus the one's from Van Nuys, U.S.

I have a 1995 Neon and the only problem is the window is becoming loose and that's from people closing the door by pushing on the frameless-window, and that happens to all cars without frames around the windows, including my Camaro.

5th May 2001, 12:23

I believe all first generation Neons were built in Belvedere, IL (Don't know about 2000's). Camaros & Firebirds were made in Van Nuys. I am a former Camaro and Neon owner and agree that both cars had bad wind noise due to frame-less windows. I liked each cars' performance but could not tolerate the poor build quality.

1995 Dodge Neon Highline 4 door 2.0 from North America


Cheap, reliable transportation up to 100,000 miles


I've replaced the turn signal switch 6 times (don't laugh, it's true!).

I've had to replace both of the oxygen sensors, ignition wires twice, belts once, brake pads once, engine mounts once, tires once, battery once, lower steering column coupler, rack and pinion, had to have one of my windows tightened - was loose, replaced the radio-tape casette - wouldn't work, and the list goes on.....

General Comments:

It's an OK car. Basically it's started up every time I want to drive it, and it's only left me stranded on the side of the road twice (oxygen sensor, and once when the fuel line came off (mechanic's fault)).

It makes a lot of noise when it approaches speeds of 60mph plus (window problem?).

The windows are scratched from dirt stuck in the seals.

The paint peeled off the wiper blades.

I haven't had the head gasket problem yet (knock on wood).

It's not too bad in snow/ice.

It's not the greatest when you have small children as reverse facing car seats are tough to fit in the back if you have long legs.

Basically I feel I've gotten my money's worth out of this car, I've had it for almost 6 years and only paid 11 grand for it. I had a Dodge Aries K Wagon back in the late 80's - I got 150,000 miles out of it. If I can get 150,000 out of the Neon I'll be happy - but if I have to keep replacing stuff it's just not worth it.

Even though I've had good luck with them, my next car probably won't be a Dodge.

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Review Date: 19th December, 2000

24th Jan 2001, 20:57

I have the 1995 Dodge Neon 4 door Highline, it is over 100,000 miles so I guess I go my money's worth if it takes me to 150,000.

The problem that I am having now are the brakes, I replaced everything including rotors and they are messed up again, so I called a local dealer and inquired if Neons had problems with their brakes, he said no, but I can't keep paying money for those brakes. Is anybody else having the same problem?

26th Jan 2001, 16:19

I had to replace the complete brake system 3 times in 5 years. The first time came just under 40,000 miles to the tune of over $400. The second time the work was warrantied and the third time was out my pocket.

The car gave up the head gasket ghost 2 weeks ago at 104,000 miles and the air conditioning died about 2 years ago.

6th Feb 2001, 20:45

I also own this vehicle. I bought it March 17, 1995 and it is Emerald Green. At just over 78,000 miles, I will be taking it in for its first ever brake service on Tuesday as well as a diagnosis of a now serious oil leak. I suppose it's the head gasket but we will wait and see.

I was hoping to get 10 years out of it, but it seems the luck of the Irish may be running out.