1998 Dodge Neon expresso DOHC from North America


Nothing better then a neon!!!


Normal mant. to this car. I have never had a better car. the neon is a very reliable car and great on gas. I get 36mpg, these bad reports I read the people don't take care of their stuff. so stop complaining. its usually problems with the owner that the car is so bad.

General Comments:

Great car!!!1.

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Review Date: 26th August, 2006

1998 Dodge Neon Sport from North America


It's a reliable car to get you from point A to B as long as you secure it


I haven't had many, if any, major problems with my Neon Sport. It's been a good reliable car. A/C stopped working about a few years ago.

Head Gasket was repaired.

General Comments:

The only bad thing I can say about the Neon is that it is very easily stolen. I've had a broken window from an attempt at breaking in through the window.

Also it's been stolen 2 times within a 1 month time period. The 2nd time being involved in a police chase which cause $2500 in damage, it's been repaired and still running strong.

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Review Date: 14th August, 2006

1998 Dodge Neon sport 2.0 doch from North America


It sucks


I got the car in march and right away it needed a radiator. I replaced that for 110$ threw radiator hot line, it needed the usual oil change and plugs and then I was driving and the power steering pump blew, replaced that for 87$ from advanced auto parts, then my brakes fail replace them and now there going again, my sunroof just makes clicking noises it doesn't move at all, my alternator belt broke last week and I needed new tires, also now my battery has gone dead and has blown some relays and fuses and now I have to replace the battery. this car has been nothing, but trouble. I want to sell it and get a 2000.

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Review Date: 25th May, 2006

25th May 2006, 12:11

What did you expect from a Neon with 122k?

25th May 2006, 13:32

2000 was a big improvement, especially in looks, but those newer ones still have some problems as well, at least from what I hear.

25th May 2006, 16:36

Hmmm, sounds like the previous owner didn't take very good care of it.

26th May 2006, 05:30

It sounds like the prev. owner didn't take care of it and dropped it off at the dealer...

26th May 2006, 08:17

This actually appears to be an example of a success story. The person bought an old, used car with high miles, and was able to fix the few, expected problems, relatively cheaply and simply. An 8-year-old car with 122,000 miles is going to need tires and brakes. Spend the $50 and replace the brake pads. Replacing your radiator for only $110, and replacing your power steering pump for only $87 are things to be proud of, not mad about. You should be saying "This is a great used car because I was able to fix it so cheaply even though the previous owner didn't take care of it!"

26th May 2006, 17:13

"If you're set on American cars, go with a Focus or Cavalier."

Cavalier? Maybe. Focus? You might want to rethink that one.

27th May 2006, 09:40

I am sick and tired of hearing about people complaining about the Neon. Does anyone know what the base price was for the Neon when they came out? It was around $8,900 or so... so what in the world do you guys expect? A Lexus?

The Neons are great automobiles for their class, and their racing record stands up to that. Do you see the Ford Focus winning in the SCCA? What about the Civic? All the races I've seen with the Civic, they are finished out of the top 20, or went out of because of mechanical problems.

1998 Dodge Neon R/T 2.0 from North America


Nice car outside, but wouldn't want to be in a serious accident in it!

General Comments:

The car is nice, especially the R/T version.

For a small car it has room, but for design inside it is funky, my knees was always against the dash, and oh, I was rear-ended by a state vehicle, my kness hit the dash and hurt for three weeks straight. That's been five years ago, I think I got arthritis cause of it. An unsafe car it is!

Tires were expensive cause it was an R/T version, I don't know why, the car wouldn't go past seventy five on a hill on the turnpike.

I think I'd rather have an Escort GT, it has more power and it zips down the road with bigger and less expensive tires.

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Review Date: 28th November, 2005

21st Apr 2006, 00:16

I was in a serious accident in my 1999 neon r/t.The car performed like a champ. I was broaded sided by some dingbat who decided to run a red, and accelerate while doing so. He hit my r/t at 70mph, hitting the passenger rear wheel. Boy did he do a number, and yes I sustained injuries, but not from the car. The whiplash sent me into the window, which could happen in any car. That car did everything it was designed to do in an accident, and then some. I would recommend my car to anyone, I hope to god I can find another, anyone selling?!

4th Apr 2008, 11:42

I know someone who was in a serious accident with this car - the air bags didn't even go off. CHEAP CAR!!

13th Feb 2010, 07:45

I had a 95' Neon, got into a head on; radiator was one with the engine, turned the key, and the damn thing still started!