26th Dec 2003, 22:46

I have no idea what you people are talking about. I guess I got the pick of the litter when it comes to Neons.

My 1997 Neon Sport has 169 000 km on it and pretty much the only trouble I have had with it is the windows whistling--no water "pouring" into the interior and a few other minor repairs. Nothing like what it described in this review.

My sister also drives a '95 Neon and has only had to make minor repairs on it.

This car is amazing--cheap as hell, looks good, reliable, comfortable, quick, I could go on!

So I would just like to say that not ALL Neons are the pieces of junk that are described here---mine is great!

5th Mar 2004, 07:21

Never personally owned one of these pieces of @#%$ however a good friend did. His had all the problems stated above and electrical problems to boot. Needless to say it was his last Dodge.

I just wouldn't recommend getting turned off to domestic products because of this. Both Ford and Chevy have good products, especially their trucks. However Dodge has always be synonymous with lemons. I've owned 1 in my lifetime and if you think Neon are lemons... Let's put it this way, it would be easier to tell you what didn't go wrong with my 1994 Dodge 600, the tires.

Good Luck. Oh yeah don't forget to "take life by the horns."

26th Mar 2007, 16:19

I bought a dodge neon r/t 98 as my first car, biggest mistake of my life! My head gasket was finished, so I changed it. The motor was over heating so I fixed it, and at only 138 000 km the motor was finished, so I got another one at the scrap yard and changed it, one with only 78 000 km. The power steering doesn't work any more along with the sunroof. My car is presently at the garage, I have to change the starter. My first experience of buying a car has been horrible, this is probably the worst car ever built.

28th Sep 2009, 14:15

Well, I bought a 97' Dodge Neon with 74,000 miles, and a month later I was replacing a fuel accumulator (a $50 fuel filter that you have to order from the dealer.) then another month later I was replacing the headgasket, the tires, and at the 3rd month the timing belt and the water pump. I'll let you decide if it's worth it. I sold it for $300. Not worth the money I put into it.

9th Jun 2010, 17:52

I have a 97 Neon 2 door.

I had to have the motor rebuilt due to an overheating issue. After driving the car with the new rebuilt engine and the brand new head for about 150 miles, the engine locked up. I removed the head and all 4 cylinders are flooded with water, and my brand new head has a crack in one of the water jackets.

All Neons have issue with the roof; mine has a rust hole (minor), but annoying. My friend has several rust holes along the roof of his Neon.

I agree they are easy to work on, but keep in mind it's a DSM (Diamond Star Motors) or as I like to call it (Don't Start Motors) a Chrysler Corp. Same as the Eclipse, Talon, Laser; they require serious maintenance and are not worth the hassle.

I am gonna fix my Neon one last time. If anything goes wrong, which I am predicting it will, I am hanging the car up on the for sale market and buying either a clean Mustang GT or a Tahoe. I am giving up on Mopar unless I find a sick 69 Charger or Hemicuda; then I might keep Dodge around.