16th Jun 2003, 21:45

I am the frustrated owner of a 95 Dodge Neon Sport. It is the worst car EVER. Previous car was a 94 Dodge Intrepid... another hunk of junk. NEVER again will I waste money on a Dodge. They make the worst cars. The money I have wasted on getting the darned thing fixed is more than what I actually payed for it. Seems like every 6-8 weeks its in the shop and I have to pay anywhere from 300-900 dollars in repairs. Don't feel comfortable or safe driving it at all it has left me stranded too many times. In the market for a new vehicle... I pity the fool who buys this Neon off of me. I am willing to practically give it away! Chrysler owes me an apology!

18th Oct 2004, 11:03

I just bought a 1995 neon with low miles... just got it last wednesday... on Friday I had to take it back...for repairs its leaking oil.. now its Monday and they want me to bring it back on tuesday...to replace the head gasket...I'm so sad and depressed about the whole situation... and after reading all the previous comments...I have found no comfort. if you can stop some other innocent consumer from buying a neon... please do it. I think I'm suffering enough for them.

20th Oct 2004, 05:06

Hello to all!

I bought used Dodge Neon '00 just 4 months ago. Actually, the car is very good, more or less powerful and comfortable. And there are definitely no such problems written above. May be 2000-2003 neon is better made than its older one? Anyway, I would recommend others to buy it.

20th Sep 2005, 21:22

Does ANYONE realize that their 95 Neons are over 10yrs old already? I have a 97 with 85,000miles on it and the ONLY thing I have done is a new set of wires and plugs. I just bought a 95 needing a head as the water pump failed and threw the belt and screwed up the valves. A 35.00 junkyard head and a 40.00 gasket solved the problem. The car came with a new pump and belt though. Oh... I also forgot to mention... it has 169,000 miles on it -- and the ORIGINAL cardboard head gasket to match. I just think people beat the crap out of these cars and don't take care of them and that is why the problems. Sure.. buy a Civic... and when you are shelling out 220.00 for an alternator or 130.00 for a wiper motor (trust me, I know about this), you will be crying in another forum about it too.

21st Nov 2005, 22:24

"I just think people beat the crap out of these cars and don't take care of them and that is why the problems."


17th Mar 2006, 09:17

I bought my 1995 Neon new. I have nothing, but respect for My Neon. I replaced the head-gasket at 58,000 miles. It is a manufacturer defect. At 110,000 miles I took preventive maintenance and changed the timing belt. I am currently at 190,000 on the original clutch and still driving it 100 miles round trip to work. I still get 36 mpg. I like it so much I'm buying a new 2005.

17th Mar 2006, 11:39

These posts just confirm what I've always known about American cars - most are lemons and a FEW people get lucky with a reliable one. NO consistent quality.

My sister and her husband bought a 95 Neon new and the car had so many problems they sold it within two years. The final straw came when the driver's inside door panel simply fell off one day for no reason. And they had the car exclusively serviced at the dealer at recommended intervals AND the car was never drive in snow.

17th Mar 2006, 17:45

If you've always known that all American cars are lemons, then I guess you learned something a lot different from me. I can't name a single American car that I or my family has owned that I would call a lemon. That list is extensive, but includes well over a dozen Dodge and Plymouth cars from the 1970's, several Dodge cars and trucks from the 1980's, a Chevy van and station wagon from the 1980's, and most recently a Mercury station wagon from the late 1990's. The worst car we ever did own was an Austin (not American) that had mysterious electrical problems, combined with everything seeming to fall apart. Perhaps we are easier on our cars than most people, or perhaps we respect them more than other people and take care of them better. At any rate, we've never had cause to rant about how American cars are junk and "by god my next car will be Toyota!" I've seen my share of ratty, broken down Toyotas, too--just like ANY car owned by people who don't take care of it, or that has their percentage of dogs.

19th Mar 2008, 10:41

I have a 95 Neon and it is nothing but trouble. Starting it is a challenge in itself. Until I am able to get another car, which will definitely not be a Neon or a Dodge for that matter, I have to spray carburetor clean in it just to get it started. It runs awful. Anyone who own a 95 Neon should be given their money back. All these cars should be recalled on the merit of it not being made with any type of quality. I think high school shop kids could have designed this metal trap. OOOps they would have done a better job. Get ride of this sometime movable money pit. I think I've spent more money fixing this car than it actually cost.

22nd Feb 2011, 16:19

I bought my 1995 Neon Sport sedan new.

The only thing replaced was a safety switch on the tranny.

I love the way it handles, and am very happy with it.

It has lots of head room, and is comfortable to drive.

The power mirrors and antennae are a bit cheap.

7th Jun 2011, 00:32

I own a 1995 Dodge Neon.

It was almost dead running on 3 cylinders when I bought it for $300. The steering was shaking also. After replacing the ignition coil pack on top of the motor ($100) and replacing the tie rods ($12) and tires, it's been running for 2 years now.

It is a piece of junk, but it gets around town and doesn't smoke!