12th Aug 2010, 21:48

My '95 Dodge Neon was completely dead at 90,000 miles. It cost me thousands in repairs to get it that far.

To the commenter above me: the original reviewer isn't wrong, you're just lucky. Trust me.

1st Apr 2011, 19:54

Bought a 1995 Sport new. Have replaced one head gasket, which Chrysler said they would pay for parts if I paid labor, but they charged as much as another place would have fixed for parts and labor.

Replaced timing belt at 80,000, but not told to replace tensioner and went out at 113,000. Oil leak should have been fixed then, but wasn't -- found out after warranty out. Haven't fixed, just watching it, but also having problems with bubbling coolant again.

At about 45,000, had wiring harness almost catch fire -- original dealership did not fix, had to do again.

At about 60,000, clock spring in steering wheel went.

A/C leaks coolant, but can be charged, so still cold.

Trunk leaks.

Eats brakes about every 30,000 miles, but at 136,000 just had to put rotors on the front.

Hit a deer two years ago -- dented fender and a few dents on hood, took off driver's side mirror and messed up windshield wiper bar, but not one piece of broken glass, and the car still ran. Clear coat starting to bubble, but no rust.

All in all, not a bad investment for 16 1/2 years.

25th Apr 2011, 03:53

1995 Dodge/Plymouth Neons, or cars from any other years aren't really great cars. They are good enough to drive you around for a few years and that is it. There isn't a lot of "WOW". Chrysler customer service and products aren't great. Customers get treated liked unwanted orphans. Chrysler and other domestic car companies will always be 1-2 steps behind the Japanese, Korean, and German car corporations in sophistication, quality, and style. The only thing domestics have that is an advantage is more options for a lower price. The imports nickle and dime you to death by charging for every piece of extras.