1995 Dodge Neon 2.0L from North America


Very Fast/Stylish car!


Needed new spark plugs.

Needed to clean off rad fan plug-in switch, rad fans wouldn't turn on.

Needed to replace thermostat and rad cap, because coolant kept bubbling over.

Speedometer works when it feels like it, even after I tried the 'soldering' method.

Water gets into the trunk.

Breaks squeal constantly, they wear quickly.

Headlights get yellow and faded, but I fixed that with some heavy duty scrubbing and tough cleanser.

Needed to replace horn.

Radio changes stations on its own.

Loud wind noise on highway, (and the windows are closed)

That's basically it... so far.

General Comments:

I love this car.

The car is very fast! Handling is great!

Great gas mileage!

It warms up fast in the winter.

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Review Date: 6th September, 2005

10th Sep 2005, 20:54

I am the writer of this review ^^. I just replaced the coolant temp. sensor. And my radiator fans don't turn on again, so there's another prob.

26th Oct 2005, 08:41

I'm am the writer of this review, The radiator fans were bad, they needed to be replaced. The relay's were fine.

5th Nov 2005, 11:26

I bought a 1995 Dodge Neon recently... any help or advice you can offer?

10th Apr 2007, 14:06

Yes here is some advice. Sell it asap for as much (as little) as you can! These cars have no resale value and before long you will find yourself paying numerous repair bills.

31st Dec 2008, 14:48

I owe Dodge/Plymouth Neon'95 Highline, SOHC.

I've purchased it for $2600 in 2003. Since then I've made QUITE a few repairs and 1 original color paint (Maaco, $585 total, 2-years gloss&peel warranty)

The car was pretty rough on me. I pay about $1500 over this years. I would pay 3-4 times more if I'll pull the car to repair shops on every occasion. So most repairs (including valve changes and main seal replacement) I've done by myself and that's makes me feel really good (about myself).

The car drives OK and is easy on gas.

1995 Dodge Neon 2.0L DOHC from North America


Unreliable past 60,000 miles


Head Gaskets are leaking at 64,000 miles.

Paint is chipping severely before 56,000 miles.

Struts are bad after 60,000 miles.

Muffler is rusted out at 62,000 miles.

Gas gauge, spedometer, odometer, RPM gauge work only haphazardly. Started at 60,000 miles.

Power steering fluid chronically lowers.

Brakes squeal incessantly (I think the previous owner put the hard pads on).

Electrical problem causes occasional malfunction of the blinkers.

Air conditioning is long since dead.

General Comments:

This car has lived up to its billing, it is a cheap to buy, good on gas mileage, peppy to drive, bad on comfort, and unreliable as it ages. The paint problem is endemic to the 1995 Neon's, I heard it had to do with the original primer coat. The head-gaskets in the early Neon's are also notorious, and the car is known to overheat on occasions. With regular service, it should last you a good while, but don't expect much after 60,000 miles. After 60,000 its pretty much shot and needs to be given to one the kids as a college car.

The Neon will keep you moving down the streets as long as your willing to put up with dysfunctional electrical components, rusty metal, poor radio, squeaky brakes, and a pretty uncomfortable interior (smaller women will find the interior especially unaccommodating). You'll have to put up with some repair costs, but the gas mileage is a bonus (between 28 and 32 mpg). I wouldn't recommend it if your looking for a durable, dependable, reliable, long lasting addition to your family. Buy it used if you need an extra car to bum around town in, or buy it used and plan to sell off early (i.e. before 60,000 miles). My next car will be a Honda.

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Review Date: 19th August, 2005

9th Apr 2006, 14:16

That's strange with the struts... both our Neons struts lasted past 180,000 miles before being replaced.

12th Aug 2010, 07:11

I think you're wrong because I bought a 1997 Dodge Neon 2.0l SOHC at 78,000. Now it has 233,934 kms and has had nothing wrong other than rust and brake pads and one rotor. That's all I had to replace. Maybe I'm lucky, or maybe you're wrong.