8th Aug 2006, 07:30

I have a 1966 d300. I compete in rock crawling. Every competition I take it in, I win. No one can beat my truck. Dodge trucks are the best.

8th Aug 2006, 17:18

I never used to care at all about trucks, although I liked Mopar cars. Then I saw a guy at the local party pit bring his '66 Dodge pickup, mounted on 2 1/2 ton military axles. He had formerly had a 440 in it, but had recently replaced it with a 318 after the 440 seized. Even with the 318, that truck was jaw-dropping! He pointed it straight through a swamp with four feet of muck, knocking down and running over trees. Then he nearly knocked over a cast iron cornpicker and climbed up the wall of a gravel pit with trees hanging off the undercarriage. Needless to say, that sight made me extend my love of Dodge's to include their trucks and at the first opportunity I bought an '85 Ramcharger.

12th Aug 2007, 01:59

I own a '67 w200 with a 318. And trust me, these trucks ARE tough; they put the name "Power Wagon" to good use. A couple of years ago we were wood cutting and we had an old Chevy and my truck, and we were pulling a bunch of logs up a hill; well I was, anyway. The Chevy tried pulling them up, but that did't work. Both of the trucks had 4 wheel drive and the Chevy was using it but couldn't pull the logs. I had mine in 2 wheel drive, and my truck pretty much walked up the hill with no problem at all. I bought the truck (after my Grandpa died) from the people he sold it to in '94, and I plan to keep it until I die.

6th May 2008, 09:41

I have a 68 power wagon with a cute little 318 in it but it is about the best truck I have seen let alone own. The 318 has over 331,000 miles on it and is in it's third truck but still won't die! I chained up to a 74 high boy with a built up 390 and needless to say, he went in reverse with all four spinning! Dodge Power Wagons are where it's at!

9th May 2008, 09:11

I have a 1978 and 1974 dodge power wagon and they are the best trucks I have ever owned they just won't die they never get stuck. They can pull anything I hook up to them. I also have a 1990 ram charger another great truck. The Dodge Brothers had the right idea. Dodge trucks are the toughest trucks built and I would put my life on it.

19th Aug 2008, 21:30

I own a 1973 W100 with the 360/4spd combo. The truck is mostly rebuilt and is used to pull a 7,000 lb. trailer weekly without complaints, but they do have flaws. Disc brakes didn't show up until '76, so panic stops include lots of panic with limited stop. The beds all rot out over the wheels badly and results in lots of flat-bed trucks on the road as finding a replacement is impossible. A little crude, but great work trucks over-all.

23rd Apr 2012, 09:12

"The Dodge Brothers" both died in 1920, and their company was sold to Walter P. Chrysler in 1928.

Whatever ideas they had, certainly did not influence the design of vehicles still carrying their name seventy years later.