11th Jul 2007, 16:44

I own a 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 Quad Cab with the 5.3L. Currently have 119000 miles. Has been good except for one issue. At about 97000 miles the front transfer case locked up while in some deep snow and I ended up in a ditch; it broke both front drive shafts and all the u-joints; total cost $2300 to fix.

Other than that, 3 sets of tires, just put on some Kumos, a front alignment, water pump, and exhaust.

I pull a boat and camper during the summer, and snowmobiles in the winter. Has been good to me overall. This weekend the tranny is getting flushed for the 2nd time.

25th Sep 2007, 06:40

I have a 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab 4X4 Short Bed 5.9L Engine. The truck has been a great truck. Just passed 200,000 miles. I need to replace the right front U Joint. Other than that it has been great. I have pulled a 7,000lb trailer with it a fair amount. Not much more than 3,000 miles. I had a 2,000lb camper that toured the United States in 1999. I see a lot of complaints, but this is a good truck. One recall on the engine in 1998, other than that just normal maintenance.

9th Nov 2007, 19:19

I have a 98' 4x4 Dodge, 109669 miles. Runs like a top. Needs to get the front U joints replaced. Is that hard? They want 70.00 for each side and I checked on parts and they want 10.00 for them. I think I can do that myself? I guess. Love the Truck and will get another one when this one is gone, have had it for 9 years.

6th Feb 2008, 23:29

I own a 1998 SLT Quad cab 4x4 since new. Lost the transfer case @ 40k and had a rear end pinion bearing replaced @ 60k, both covered by extended warranty. Other than those two problems, just minor problems like rear door latch cable, plugs and plug wires, shocks, tires, battery, accessory drive belt, front disc pads and other normal wear consumables. Engine, trans, front axles, rear brakes, AC is original. I have 95k on truck and towed a 27ft 5th wheel many thousands of miles. I do practice good maintenance and don't hesitate to take it on 4,000 mile hunting trips. Gas mileage stinks around town (11 mpg) but once it gets moving on a long trip I can get 18-23 mpg depending on terrain.

7th Mar 2008, 14:42

I have a 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 standard cab short box. It is OK so far... I guess. I bought the rig used and have dumped around $1,000.00 into the front end of this vehicle. After I first got it, I noticed it was a bit loose in the steering. The 5.2 liter gas motor seems to be a bit under powered, but I will fix that in the near future. Thankfully, I do all my own work.

11th Mar 2008, 20:29

I own a 99 1500 short box reg cab; bought it about one and half years ago love it, but put more than I wanted into it.

Trans rebuild, front and back U-joint's, O2 sensors 2, TPS, brake-line, plugs, wires, wheel bearing, FDS, sway bar end links, rear end pinion tight end?

Holding up after 25000 miles since I bought it. Thinking the steering box is going now.

I think this thing was flooded or something. I do all my own work so I have saved a lot other than the transmission; $1400.00.

I love the truck, but damn. Good luck.

22nd Sep 2009, 22:36

1998 Dodge Ram Sport 1500. Had lots of bad luck with it, but anyway, next to no heat out of the cab heater now, new radiator, water pump, thermostat, flushed the block, and both hoses out and into the heater core are hot??? Any ideas?

4th Oct 2009, 22:09

I have a 1997 Dodge 1500 Shortbox ext. cab 4x4 with the 318 f.i.

Bought it off friend who bought it new. Has almost 200,000 miles on it. Been running it hard for 2 years.

New windshield, new 265x75x16 m/s tires and all new universals from transfer case forward.

I pull boat/19ft travel trailer up local deactivated mountain roads.

Love the truck.

Last weekend I had to go up the side of a mountain road (here on Vancouver Island) with the trailer. Went into 1st and 2nd gear in 4 wheel drive low. Only time I wished for a little more power (wet muddy logging road.).

I get 24 or better MPG in 5th gear. Next truck will be a Dodge, maybe the quad cab 1500.

Glenn Purcell.

12th Feb 2010, 20:03

I have a 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 Club Cab 5.9 engine, and I'm having the same problem, new radiator, thermostat, water pump, hoses, heater core, and still no heat, temp, goes from 130 degrees to 210 back and forth. Any solutions? Send E-Mail to claude_milch@yahoo.com