5th Oct 2011, 20:42

The "wondering" steering is a full-size Chrysler legacy for 30+ years. I say full-size Chrysler, as the steering box that was in my 1972 Imperial is the same box that is in my 1998 Ram 1500 2WD. Of course, your tie rod ends could be worn out, that would cause some wondering. The way to tell if it is your steering box or a worn component is to check for irregular tire wear.

If you have ruled out worn steering components and the wondering bothers you, there is an adjustment for it. Get a FACTORY service manual for information on the adjustment (for you own good, don't fool with an aftermarket manual). It is rather simple with respect to difficulty, but if you over adjust, you can ruin your unit.

28th Dec 2011, 23:16

To increase mileage on the Rams, try an after market cold air intake by Spectra (a little cheaper than K&N, but just as good). They also look good under the hood. Amazon.com has them for 149.00.

28th Dec 2011, 23:24


Hope this helps? On 4x4's, usually the front axle universal joints rust out, and cause noise when turning. You can see these at the end of the axles behind the wheels. That's most likely your fix.

21st Feb 2012, 17:16

My 98 Dodge 1500 transmission is nothing but problems, and I will never ever buy a Dodge again. If Dodge would help with fixing that junk transmission, I would change my mind. My Uncle works with NASCAR, and he said that Dodge know this transmission was junk, and it is junk. This is why people are not buying American.

19th Nov 2015, 03:02

Check the fusible link (fuse under the hood).

5th Jan 2016, 05:36

Then you are a very, very lucky man my friend.

5th Jan 2016, 06:34

I think you just got one of the lucky decent ones of the bunch LOL, and I believe the 96 models are more reliable than the 98s to 2001s; their torque converters and transmissions are junk, and the 5.9 engine's aren't much better. I've had nothing but problems since I bought it; it's been a huge money pit and it just keeps on taking my money. It looks awesome, but almost all are just complete junk underneath.

11th Mar 2016, 16:11

I have also a 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 2wd. I bought it two days ago from my teacher who has had it for 12 years. It was his son's and I knew he ragged it out in mud and everything, but a good buddy of mine who is a mechanic said everything is good; no leaks, no nothing. And many people I know around my small town says it's a great truck. 215,000 miles. And she's still running strong; no engine work or transmission work done either. The 318 motor will run a long time with just normal service, oil changes etc. The only problem is that it is a gas guzzler.