31st Dec 2009, 07:34

I have a 96 Ram 1500 SLT Extended Cab, 2wd, 5.9L. Bought it about 2 years ago with 208,000. Currently has 246,000. Made minor repairs and replacements. Front brakes and rotors, master cylinder, water pump, valve cover gaskets. And soon to be oil pan gasket.

The air just stopped blowing from the floor vents and front vents, but still blows through the defrosting vents after replacement of valve cover gaskets.

While I was replacing the VC gaskets, I managed to break a small brittle hard plastic hose that appears to go from the AC unit in to the dash. Anyone with any ideas what it could be?

10th Jan 2010, 23:19

That little plastic tube is a vacuum line. It goes from intake manifold to hvac controls behind dash. Replace it and you should have hvac controls back instead of defrost only.

7th Feb 2010, 18:03

I have a 98 1500 Ram 2WD that I bought used with 128k. Truck now has 201k.

Since I've owned the truck, I have had to change the transmission, change the radiator, change the thermostat due to constant overheating, water pump, brakes twice, rear axle bearings, and a few other minor problems.

Now my truck is making a whining noise and I suspect more transmission problems.


8th Feb 2010, 16:51

Your truck already had 128,000 miles on it. For all you know, the person you bought it from could have abused the living heck out of it.

9th Feb 2010, 17:53

Have a 2000 Dodge Ram Sport 2wd.

Transmission failed at about 65k miles.

Electrical problems involving stereo system.

Have had to replace the heater core twice in 140k miles.

Goes through tires like nobody's business.

Front end is junk. Ball joints etc. fail at about 75k miles. Can't keep it in the lanes.

Several batteries have failed.

Speedo does not register until about 30 mph.

ABS and brake lights stay on all the time.

One thing after another with the junk that Dodge makes. They accept no responsibility for any of the problems, which are obviously common and recalls should have been made. All fixes very expensive and only temporary, because with Dodge they keep recurring.

Have also a 99 Ford F150 with 150k miles, and it has had only normal servicing - no problems.

Buy quality, not garbage. I will NEVER buy a Dodge product again.

9th Mar 2010, 03:34

I own a 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 5.9L.

I love this truck to death. It's got 109,000 miles on it, but it still runs great.

I've done a few upgrades (air intake, chip, and exhaust kit). It can beat any truck in town off the line, and spins the tires any time you want it to.

I have heard horror stories about the transmission, but I am still on my stock transmission and have no problems.

I recommend Dodge trucks to all my friends.

10th May 2010, 20:43

I got 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 5.2 litre Magnum V8, and I love it. My truck has 290000 km and runs like a rocket.

Oil change on time and regular tune up. Get K&N filter and let it breath right; they need it, believe me.

First of all, if you are losing power on your truck and it won't go when you floor it, get a right tune up done.

Number 1; get some seafoam for your truck and let it clean itself out; that will help the most.

Get a wix oil filter and good oil for it; I would not recommend synthetic, just use what it needs.

Number 2; do not use Bosch spark plugs, since it will cause many more problems. Dodge hates it. Do not use cheap spark plug cables; make sure they are 8mm and good with heat.

Number 3; flush your transmission every 60000 km, it will help a lot.

Those are things I have done, and everything else is original with original engine and transmission, as well there is not a single leak anywhere. If you take care of them, they will take care of you.

After all those years; A GOOD SOLID TRUCK.

4th Aug 2010, 20:13

I have a 1999 Dodge Ram 1500 with the 5.2l Magnum, auto transmission. The truck has 89k miles. I got it in 04 with 60k miles, and never had a problem until the trans died. I just put in a new jasper, and now its running great. It kicks back and forth when attempting an incline in OD or 3rd. I have to manually shift it or floor it. It has no power from the start, I floored it on a gravel road and all it did was yell. No power? What could be the problem? Is it fuel pump? Is the new transmission junk? I did read a tune up can help a lot.

29th Sep 2010, 21:28

I have a 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 quad cab. The truck is a 2WD with the 5.2 engine. The truck ran great (for the first two weeks). Since then I have replaced every sensor on it, brake lines, exhaust system, plugs, wires, brake rotors, tranny work. These trucks are junk! I'll walk before I buy another Dodge. Guess I'm going have to go buy a Toyota unless I start riding a bicycle to work.

19th Oct 2010, 14:13

Dude, Dodges are awesome. I have a 98 Ram and it's had 2 problems in the 12 years the fuel pump and water pump. Maybe you got the bad one of the bunch. My buddy has a 96 Ram and it hasn't had any problems. He has had it for a couple of years and it was used as a farm truck before he got it.

13th Jan 2011, 15:50

I have a 98 Ram with a 5.9, 360, 4x4 sport and currently 193,555 miles. I purchased it in December of 2003 with only 69,000 miles. Since the time I've owned this truck, I've only had a few problems; replaced fuel pump, the track bar 3 times, front driver side wheel bearing, and the front U joints more times than I care to count. For some reason, my truck cannot keep front U joints, and I don't know why. No one can tell me why or even help me figure it out. If anyone can, please give me any helpful information or suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated. You can E-mail me at BALA_brx@yahoo.com. Thank you...

Just for the record, my Ram still runs good and strong, and I plan on keeping her until the wheels fall off.

20th Mar 2011, 07:03

There is another speed sensor on the rear diff.

2nd Aug 2011, 14:27

Hello, had this same problem with my 98 Dodge Ram. Sometimes I have all gears except OD. Now the more I drive it, I only have 2-3. I replaced the governor pressure sensor, plus governor pressure solenoid. You also have a OD 3-4 solenoid and the TCC solenoid in the bottom of the tranny. I replaced those 4 solenoids and now have all gears; so far, no problems yet. Those 4 solenoids will cost you about 300 to 400.00 dollars, not counting somebody to put them in.

Do a little searching and find exploded view of bottom of tranny, you can change these yourself.

First Dodge I have ever owned, now it is fixed, and I have it for sale.

Lots of problems with the 97 to 2001 Dodge trucks, Hemis aren't worth a s**t. If your tranny doesn't work, never buy a Dodge. The trucks they made back in the 80's with the slant 6 are still running today, my uncle has one. It's ugly, but is still a good truck. These new cars and trucks now, are being made to where homeboys like me can't hardly do nothing to them except maybe a tuneup. What the crap is America coming to? Automotive people don't build trucks and cars like they use too. It's all about the money, no money, no ride, anyone agree.. thought so...