21st Sep 2007, 19:21

I have a 2005 Dodge Ram with the small V8 engine, I have also had major trouble with the brake system and too many other things to list. Chevy here I come!

4th Dec 2007, 13:29

Must have been a bad truck. I have an 04 Quad Cab Hemi and it is nearly perfect. I have a superchips flashpaq that really woke the engine and trans package up. They are really suppressed from the factory. The GM trucks like Fords are alright products, just boring looking ho-hum trucks. To each his own. I'll keep mine... Paid for now, so who cares about resale if you're happy...

7th Dec 2007, 14:49

RE: 4th Dec 2007, 13:29.

Be happy with what you have now, when the day comes to trade in or sell your truck you will not be a happy man. Hang in there you will see.

8th Feb 2008, 18:11

Anyone who has had "perfect" Dodge ought to be happy, in the same way that someone who has won the lottery should be. Do your research, and you'll find they're the exception. Dodge pickups have mediocre engineering and build quality, but they have to give them away at the end of the year because smart people (unlike me) won't buy them otherwise. So they're cheap if you can wait for the end of the year, as they should be, but the problem is that that's backed up by what has to be the worst dealer service network in the entire world. If you're the rare soul who has one that's well built, you won't know about this, but everyone else has basically thrown their money away and taken on an all-consuming hobby that will eat up every free minute until they can manage to dump the piece of crap.

Every brand has problems, but not every brand has a dealership service system that punishes you for buying a pickup with a problem, and gives you headaches and ulcers and harass you at work and at home. Toyotas and Hondas may not be "exciting," but after having my 10-month old truck in the dealership for the last 9 weeks, picking up, and dropping it off again on Tuesday because it's still broken, I'm willing to give up some of the "excitement" of having an American car - the excitement of not knowing if it'll start, the excitement of screaming phone messages to (and from) the dealership, the excitement of finding out what the next major failure will be on my pickup that has only 4800 miles. My Mazda has had a broken piece of trim in the 2 years since I bought it. Boooorrring.

22nd Apr 2010, 00:43

Got a 2006 Dodge Ram 1500 SWB, single cab, SLT hemi. Currently have just over 60,000 miles on it and I'm having a couple of problems with it. It's making a whining noise between 18-30mph, oil leak in the driver's side valve cover, and parts of the interior rattles when accelerating. The rattling didn't happen until I put a Flowmaster on it though. I can fix all of this myself except for the whining noise, because I can't pin it down just yet.

I bought it at 14,500 miles on it, but whoever had it before I did, ragged it pretty good in such a small time.

Dodge trucks aren't known for their handling, suspension, or brakes. I knew that before I bought mine, and had plans of changing all of that myself. Although they're really annoying, I forgive the problems I've had out of mine so far, because like I said, the previous owner wasn't that nice to it.

I've seen more Chevys and Fords worked on than dodges. I had a 2006 Cobalt SS that couldn't take a hit. Hit a raccoon going 45mph, $500 deductible, over $1000 worth of damage done. A month later after getting it fixed, hit a fox doing 55mph. Another $500 deductible, over $2000 worth of damage. Couldn't drive at all during both of those. Went through 3 deer in my truck before I had body work done to it.

The likely hood of something going wrong in anything is high, ESPECIALLY if it's man-made. Not every vehicle manufacturer makes the perfect car or truck, they all have their problems. I used to work at a place where we did pick up and deliveries of people's vehicles, and out of all of the trucks I drove, and I'll even say most of the cars, I've had more fun driving my Dodge. I would only get rid of it for a new one

27th Sep 2015, 23:02

I couldn't agree more, I bought a Dodge because they're good looking trucks. However they do not hold up well and require constant maintenance to keep them running. My truck eats through brakes, ball joints, tie rods, struts, tires wear uneven, steering has play, rust on rear fenders, trans feels worn out, motor taps on startup, problems with evap sensors and ABS sensors. Interior rattles and is full of plastic. Dodge trucks depreciate in value tremendously.

28th Sep 2015, 19:55

Our company has Ford, Chevy and Dodge trucks. I drive all of them at times, as well as a company car. The best built would be the Fords based on comments from our shop. The ones favored to drive the most are the Silverados. The least driven and worst ride quality are the Rams. I do not think they will be replaced. They are strong trucks and one is still driven after a major accident hit. But I personally dislike driving them.

30th Sep 2015, 04:48

I agree, Dodge trucks have a strong feel when you're driving them, but the constant reliability issues outweigh it. My 2007 Dodge Ram 1500 had the water pump fail, alternator fail, wiper motor fail, front main seal fail, upper and lower ball joints shot, inner and outer tie rods shot, rack and pinion assembly leaking oil, valve body in the trans wearing out, ABS and evap issues, all within about 70000 miles. The truck developed such bad play in the front end that it was not safe to drive. Not to mention the rust coming thru the rear fenders and insides of the doors. Dodge trucks are built to lease for 2 or 3 years, not last to 200000 miles like my old Ford.