8th Jan 2008, 01:21

Purchased my second new Dodge Ram 1500 in 2004 which has the HEMI. It's great for power and very comfy on long trips. not so great on gas mileage and lost 4 mpg on my 50,000 tune up, any one know why that is?

10th Jan 2008, 18:17

Try adding a K&N air intake I have gotten 3 more mpg. It has been on my 2004 dodge for 6 months now.

12th Dec 2008, 21:33

I was cruising down the interstate in my 04 Ram 1500 Hemi with the cruise control set on 75 mph and all of a sudden the engine dies. The check engine light and the ETC light came on and I coasted off onto the shoulder. I put the transmission in park and turned the key to start it and it wouldn't even crank. I turned the key off and tried again... Nothing! So I got out and disconnected and then re-connected the battery. It then started up. The ETC light went off but the check engine light stayed on. I got home and parked it. The next day when I started it up both lights were off and it seemed to be running normally. When I got out on the road I noticed a big difference in how responsive the engine was when I stepped on the gas. It was much more responsive than it had previously been and reminded me of how responsive it was when it was new. I don't know what changed... but I like it. Also my fuel mileage has gone up 2-3 mpg since that happened. Have not had any problems since and whatever happened remains a mystery.

4th Mar 2009, 22:39

I had the same problems that others seem to have had. I have a 2004 SLT, black, the whole ball of wax. In any case, I was doing 75 from Houston to Austin, all of a sudden the cruise shut down, truck went into 3rd, all the lights came on, all we could do was 30mph. We pulled over, read the manual after I noticed the e-throttle light was on. Shut the engine off, fired it back up, no problems all the way home. Took the truck into Dodge, they diagnosed a fuel system clean was due, the explanation was the computer sensed an airflow problem and pulled the engine back to avoid a too lean condition. Once the maintenance was done, I had no problems since. That was 10k ago.

23rd Jul 2010, 20:54

Does anyone know if you have to re tune a 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT 5.7 liter Hemi after you install a K&N air intake?