2004 Dodge Ram Pickup Hemi from North America


I wish I didn't buy it


This is really a 2005 vehicle, but, since there were no options for such a new vehicle on the interview, I listed it as a 2004.

We have had this car for two weeks. With 1800 miles we haven't had the first oil change.

The one and only thing to go wrong was the total destruction of the transmission.

This vehicle has yet to have a hitch inserted into the receiver. It has not towed anything or carried any cargo greater than a set of floor mats.

The transmission failed and the transmission fluid is incredibly burned.

The dealer insists that they can fix it "good as new". That really concerns me, considering the fact that it is new and it has already self destructed.

I insisted on a new transmission. It only seems fair since I haven't made the first payment yet.

I am concerned that the dealer will only be able to replace the failed component (s) and not find the root cause of the failure.

I bought this truck as the first new vehicle for my 21 year old son. He is making payments and I am helping out as needed.

Already my son is getting a lot of ridicule from his friends that warned him "good luck with your transmission" when he told them he bought a Dodge.

Needless to say, this has taken a lot of "pride of ownership" away from him.

The dealership will not replace the transmission.

I am looking for alternative ways to address this problem.

Any help?



General Comments:

This is a pretty yellow truck.

Everyone is calling it "Lemon Yellow".

I agree.

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Review Date: 1st December, 2004

9th Dec 2004, 10:38


Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth are notorious for making lousy transmissions and cars and trucks. My advice would be to get rid of it and purchase another brand of truck, anything, but a Dodge.

24th Jan 2005, 21:45

I have had my 04 4x4 Hemi for 9 months, I do 75% hwy and the rest city use. It already has 17000miles on it. Like clock work, not a hint of any problems, taken it offroad and all. A dream truck, best looking for sure, other trucks have just as many transmission issues and other issues. Why is my truck so great and yours not?

2004 Dodge Ram Pickup 5.7L hemi from North America


Powerfull and looks great


Nothing has gone wrong so far.

General Comments:

This truck is the best truck I've ever owned. Serious power from the hemi. Had a 1999 ram 1500 with the 5.2 Liter engine, lacked power. Buy the hemi! it is well worth it. Everybody talks about poor gas mileage, what do you expect it's a full size pickup! Still I average around 18 mpg. not too bad.

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Review Date: 9th November, 2004

2004 Dodge Ram Pickup 1500 5.7 Hemi from North America


A hot-rod work horse



General Comments:

It has the ride and feel of a full size luxury SUV with the same benefits and faults.

Fuel consumption, using even the lightest of touches, is 20.7 liters per 100km in the city, 20 liters per 100k on the highway @ 89 octane. (I'm running the optional 3.92 rear with selective AWD.)

The Hemi rides high and wide, so in city driving it's not for the faint of heart.

When you hit the "go" pedal, there's a lull, then all hell breaks loose till the brick-like aerodynamics kick in at 140kmh (80 mph).

But just because it'll run away from many sporty cars at stoplights, don't mistake it for a sports car. Lean is severe and the solid rear axle has you jumping sideways under light load (passengers only).

Under full load, it settles down and pulls like a contented ox.

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Review Date: 13th June, 2004

30th Nov 2004, 05:29

I have a 2004 Dodge Ram 2500 Hemi...It's everything you've said! Except, the trans is messing up. This will be the second time back to the dealer for the same problem. the truck has 3900 miles on it...Chrysler, I know you have the technology to fix this problem. Please, do it right this time.

14th Aug 2005, 23:18

Just a follow-up to my previous review. Now that I've put 23,000 km on my Hemi over a year and a half, my opinion stands: it's a hot rod workhorse. And with the Magnaflow dual exhausts and MAC air system I've just installed, it sounds the part too. I've not had a single problem, not a single trip to the dealer has been required. Keep on truckin'!

9th Aug 2006, 20:33

Just another followup in Aug. '06.

The only repair has been a tie-rod end end. Normal wear. Also, the clear coat is peeling off one fender and the dealer says it's not covered under the warranty. By comparison, after three years of ownership, my previous Chev V10 4x4 had already needed a new rear differential; and the front universals were both defective on delivery from GM. And I kept that truck for 17 years and it was still rust free, running well and looking good.

14th Nov 2007, 17:38

Another followup at 58,506 km, as I've just replaced the other tie-rod end; and a second brake job has set me back $1,327+tax. (At 36,000 km, front pads and rotors were replaced.) The latest repair included: rebuilt front calipers, removed rear brake rotors seized to axle shaft, new pads, new seals on pistons all around.

It still rides well and gas economy has increased to 18 liters per 100km on the highway. Mid-range fuel now costs $1.07 a liter.

2004 Dodge Ram Pickup 1500 SLT Hemi from North America


Quick, powerful, Very comfortable


Going down the street my Dodge 1500 SLt new truck just died doing 30 mph and power steering and stuff just kinda froze! Coasted for 10 seconds dead and restarted vehicle and drove on!

General Comments:

I have not had any other problems. This car is a head turner with the Hemi and 20 inch rims.Wow.

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Review Date: 6th March, 2004

17th Aug 2004, 06:09

I bought a new 2004 dodge hemi about 6 months ago. I have had problems with the electronic throttle control. I was going about 20-25 mph around a turn when the truck shut off. I lost my power steering and about run into a ditch. I shifted the truck into neutral and started it up and continued to drive. The light for the electronic throttle control came on a I drove the truck to the nearest dodge service center. I have not checked with them today, but I understand that this is a problem with just the Hemi. Also I have noticed I do not have the power that the Hemi should have and after paying quite a bit for this truck, I think that it should run better than this. Seems to loose power at 4000 rpm. I know other Hemi owners and their trucks run a lot better than mine.