13th Jun 2006, 20:25

The repairs were made by a dealer, that's why they were some what high. Found the seat trac in a junk yard in PA for 250.00, my main point in listing all the repairs was what a lemon this truck has been. My first 1984 Dodge went over a 110,000 miles without any trouble at all!!!

31st Oct 2009, 01:23

If you think that's bad, just buy Chevy, then you get to replace engines, transmissions, rearend ring & pinions, and other expensive things. I know because I have had 3 Z71s and they were all junk. 2 of them made a knocking noise after I started them after 16000 miles. The last one I bought was traded for a 2008 Ram 1500, and I love it.

1st Jan 2011, 06:57

Well I am finally putting this POS out to pasture. I hope it RIP, maybe it will get melted down and come back as a Ford, Toyota, Chevy, anything but a Dodge. Update 01/01/2011.

182,000 miles at this time:

1. Had transmission rebuilt at 150,000 miles.

2. Replaced brakes two more times.

3. Had rear axle seals replaced around 140000.

4. Upper dash looks like a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle (cracked and broken).

5. Head liner has all but fell to the floor.

6. Headlight switch went out, surprised it didn't set the truck on fire when I saw how hot it had gotten.

7. The only clear coat left is a small patch on the hood.

8. Transmission cooler line quick connect started leaking. Dodge's remedy is to replace all the lines. The line's cost from the local dealership was almost $600.00. Only good thing here is the dealer let me have them for just over $500.00, and Dodge Corp. refunded $350.00 of the cost.

9. Transmission has gone out again at 180,000. I guarantee it will be the last time the transmission goes out on me.

Dodge has made some improvements in this truck series since I bought this one, but let’s face it, once you get bit this bad, you most likely will not take a chance on petting the animal again.