1995 Dodge Ram Pickup SLT from North America


Dodge makes a very strong truck


Fuel pump failed at 120,000 miles.

Transmission was rebuilt at 120,000 miles.

General Comments:

Although I have had to make a few expensive repairs, I have enjoyed owning and driving my Dodge Ram 1500.

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Review Date: 29th January, 2005

1995 Dodge Ram Pickup XLT 5.9 gas from North America


I am very satisfied with this truck


The front seal in my transmission went bad at 100000 miles.

At 190000 miles, the transmissions rear seal began leaking and was replaced.

I had to repair the starter at 200000 miles and shortly after that had the entire exhaust replace, primarily due to a bad catalytic converter.

General Comments:

The truck has all the power I need.

I am very impressed with the reliability of this truck.

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Review Date: 19th December, 2004

1995 Dodge Ram Pickup Ram 1500 SLT 318ci V8 from North America


Good solid truck


Replaced water pump at 140,000.

Replaced starter and alternator around 90,000.

Have only gone through 2 batteries and 2 serpentine belts since bought new.

New fuel pump around 130,000. Had to have filter/strainer in fuel line cleaned around 100,000 - think it was just due to trash from using poor gas though.

Headliner has fallen and needs to be repaired.

Oil leak around front pan. Not significant enough to worry about right now.

Catalytic converter had to be replaced.

General Comments:

Overall, I love my dodge truck. Has seen many years of hunting and farm work on the weekends. Drive it everyday and have put it through it's paces. Gets 16 mpg whether driving by myself or hauling ATV in back of truck to the beach. Good room for standard sized cab.

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Review Date: 22nd October, 2004

1995 Dodge Ram Pickup 1500 SLT 5.9 gas from North America


Very reliable and powerful motor, junk drive line


All of my dash knobs broke off for the heater and air conditioner.

Headliner is starting to sag down really bad.

The radio which came with the cd player option, the face of it will not light up, and it also shorts out a lot.

The compass and thermometer are shorted out.

The rear end dropped out from under it while pulling an average trailer.

I had to put two new front ends under it, this is from average driving.

Transmission leaks really bad.

The 4-wheel drive low lock will not come out unless you kill the engine and then take it out.

General Comments:

Dodge produces a very reliable engine. I have had not one problem with the engine what so ever. Changed the oil every 2,000 miles, and also changed the plugs every 7,000 miles. Had to do nothing else. Starts up every time even when its -20 below zero without hesitation.

However the drive line that they manufacture will not withstand the power of the motor. I had nothing, but trouble with the transmisson leaking, slipping, putting it in gear, and making growling noises. The rear end after 100,000 miles becomes very sloppy, just recently tore the gears out because it overheated while pulling a trailer, this should not have happened. I am not satisfied with this truck what so ever because of this reason.

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Review Date: 8th June, 2004

1995 Dodge Ram Pickup SLT 5.9 diesel from North America


Use it in your tea, it is a lemon


Front brakes went out at 17000 miles (repaired under warranty) ; they went out a second time at 32000 (was not repaired under warranty). Dealer said they installed heavy duty brake pads the second time. Replaced brake pads myself the next time at 65000 miles. Replaced brake pads and rotors, bearings, seals and rear brakes myself at 95000, and have replaced front brake pads again at 123000. I do not pull a trailer or very seldom have a load in the bed weighting more than 500 lbs. I had a 1984 Dodge pickup with over 110000 miles and had not replaced brakes at the time I sold it.

Transmission went out at 74000 miles. I had it repaired by a local transmission shop since it was not under warranty. Transmission is starting to give me trouble again at 128000 miles. I do not know anyone who owns a Chrysler product that has not had transmission problems.

Fuel sending unit (tells how much fuel in tank) stop working at about 54000 miles. Cost about $500.00 to repair.

The truck has the infinity sound system and the cassette player stop working after about 4 years.

Headliner started coming loose when truck was 4 years old.

Have replaced the comfort control (heat and air) knob 4 times since I bought the truck (I keep a spare).

Front drivers seat track stop working at 75000 mile, the track alone is a $900.00 part plus labor to install.

Fuel lines started leaking at the quick disconnects at 90000 mile, this was a $400.00 repair.

Fuel transfer pump went out at 123000 miles; this was a $900.00 repair.

The clear coat started coming off the body at front fenders, top and tail gate at 80000 miles.

General Comments:

The only good thing about this truck is the 5.9 Cummins diesel engine and the fuel mileage. The truck looks good, but is not dependable.

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Review Date: 4th June, 2004

15th Dec 2004, 21:45

I just want to let this guy know he needs to look around for prices a little better. Those prices he is quoting are ridiculous. Especially the seat tracks (shouldn't be that expensive new, but can find at a junkyard for probably 50 bucks) but I paid about 350 for my fuel pump replacement, when he paid 900. Just want everyone to know to bargain shop.