1995 Dodge Ram Pickup SLT 5.9 Cummins turbo diesel from North America


Great performance and quality for the price!


Primer pump started leaking fuel.

Rear sliding window latch broke - probably from me using it too much.

Air bag light comes on when it's below 55 degrees.

General Comments:

I bought this truck because I was looking for a diesel pickup - I tell people I didn't buy it because it is a Dodge, but because it was a Cummins.

The Cummins engine is a fantastic engine - easy to work on, low maintenance and a ton of torque. 0-60 was roughly 9.5 seconds, which isn't bad for a mid 90's truck. This truck would go up any hill with any load at pretty much any speed up to 80. Around 80mph the governor starts to cut the fuel. You can buy a couple new springs for around $150 and go faster, but I never had the need.

I checked my fuel economy every tank of fuel and averaged between 18 - 25 mpg. If you have a truck and actually check your economy, you will know this is amazing. I got 25 once on a road trip with no load. Just driving around normal with a loaded tool box, I averaged 20mpg. You get the fuel economy of a little truck with the power and hauling space of a big truck.

The owner before me took great care of the truck, and modified the exhaust so there was no muffler, which only helped with the power.

I could put the transmission in 5th gear on a hill at around 40 miles an hour and accelerate no problem. No lugging up hills with this truck. I towed a car trailer with vehicle on it and had no problem maintaining the posted speed limit even on steep grades.

The 5 speed transmission held up great and shifted smooth. The clutch wasn't too heavy feeling. Although I did feel like I had to push in the pedal a little sooner than you would normally on most cars. Not sure why - but that made for smoother shifts.

Interior was comfortable, but nothing outstanding - it is just a truck. Cruise control was a nice feature. Sound system was a 6 speaker Infinity system that worked great. I did notice a little speaker rattle out of one of the tweeters - probably 13 years of playing music too loud took its toll on that speaker.

The only problem I had with the truck was that the ABS light would come on when it was colder outside. According to the owners manual, this means that the airbags are deactivated. So I never worried about it or had it looked at.

The primer pump started leaking a little so I replaced it with an aftermarket pump ($80) and then you have your basic maintenance including valve adjustments. But if you stay in top of that, there are few if any problems.

The truck ran great, performed great, towed great, and made some great noise out the exhaust.

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Review Date: 4th November, 2009

5th Nov 2009, 17:43

I agree, that 6-cyl Cummins they were putting in the RAM pickups is an amazing engine, the Ford Powerstroke and Chevy Duramax don't even compare! A Cummins Ram will take hundreds and hundreds of thousand miles of hard use (with maintenance of course). It's a dang shame they quit putting that motor in the newest RAMs and changed it for a different (non-Cummins) diesel. Oh well, best to find an older RAM with low miles and hang onto that sucker!

1995 Dodge Ram Pickup SLT 5.9 from North America


The Beast! I will cry when it dies


- General service stuff (oil change etc)

- Shocks ($60.00 approx)

- Brakes (normal wear and tear)

- U joints other axle work (expensive, $1000.00 approx)

- Light switch in the dash melted (junk yard cost $6.00)

- Idler pulley disintegrated (New $90.00)

- DLR unit (lights stayed on and would not turn off. Had to disconnect from the battery to save it from going flat. New DLR $150.00 approx)

- Air Con Clutch (doesn't work, don't care, won't fix it. Just disconnected wires and stopped the problem)

General Comments:

I have beat the crap out of this truck and it just keeps going and going. Drive dirt roads to and from work every day. Been tearing around fields, off road in the mountains etc. It was my dream to own a Dodge Pick up, can't get them in U.K. Glad to say it has not been a nightmare. Would without any doubt buy another Dodge. LOVE MY TRUCK!

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Review Date: 11th April, 2009

8th Sep 2015, 01:48

I just sold the truck in question in 2015. It was still running great, dependable, and had roughly 320000km on the clock with very little issues.

It lived a hard life and did not falter. Bodywork was starting to come apart in places, particularly the box. With so much dirt road shake, the tail gate fell off. This was due to excessive bouncing around though.

I could not take it with me when I moved out of province. It hurt to sell it.