1983 Dodge Rampage Sport 2.2 from North America


Just plain cool


Emergency brake didn't work.

Needed brake pads.

Some minor surface rust.

Electric choke is a peace of crap! It just doesn't like to idol until it warms up.

General Comments:

It handles really, really well! I was driving it home and couldn't believe how well it took my steering input, even with manual steering.

Cruise control is cool, but I'd rather drive myself.

For a 4-banger (I'm use to V8s with over 400 horsepower) it's fairly quick. The engine has a nice sound.

The interior is cool, with a little work and polish and some better speakers it'll be a nice place to spend a few hours in on a road trip.

The bed is great for hauling car parts and stuff, camping (it came with a camper cover), and just general use.

I wish it had a little more storage space behind the rear seats, but other than it's great.

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Review Date: 11th April, 2005

20th Sep 2005, 00:29

I completely agree with the choke. I have a '84 manual and an 82' auto (for parts) and my 84 doesn't idle at all..

6th Apr 2011, 21:57

I need a windshield for my 83. Please contact me if you can help email me at jvjjones@wowway.com

23rd May 2012, 17:11

I have a 82 looking for a clutch cable. Anyone have one?

1983 Dodge Rampage Sport 2.2 from North America


Best little truck I've ever owned


Needed one small patch panel on driver's side rocker panel. Easy fix. Took me 3 minutes and use of my welder.

Loose engine mount. Only a bolt. Easy fix.

Caught for speeding. My own studity.

General Comments:

I love this thing! It gets unreal attention, runs great, sporty (even with the stock 2.2. I plan to drop a 472 Hemi in next year)

I have a '75 Monte Carlo SS now. The Rampage gets more attention then that!

It's comfortable, quick, and can haul stuff. The bed is big enough to carry my chopper or dirt bike around.

I love this thing!

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Review Date: 5th April, 2005

6th Apr 2005, 06:34

About the MC. It's customized. I badged it as an SS. I lowered it, bored the engine, customized the interior and smoothed the body. I hope to paint it sometime in summer, until now it's an ugly gold. The SS badge has been custom cut and chromed. The reason I chose SS is because it is very high performance. According to my computer the engine makes somewhere around 450 at the crank. I'll verify this when I have it dynoed.

1982 Dodge Rampage Sport 2.2 from North America


I'd love to have one again..


The only complaint I had with this car was the design of the clutch cable. It is ridiculously long and literally wraps around the engine. The problem is that in the time I own the car I went through two of them. Furthermore most cars will allow you to "shift" if your R.P.M.'s are right, not so with this car.

General Comments:

I loved the car, and if I find one again I'll likely buy it.

Very handy and cheap on gas.

Handles very well and the double steel box holds up really well, even if the payload cap. is a little light, (what do you expect).

Construction, fit and comfort were very good. The only reason I sold the car was my wife and I out grew it (family), otherwise I would have driven it into the ground.

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Review Date: 22nd March, 2005

1984 Dodge Rampage 2.2L from North America


Really neat toy truck with character, wish they still made them!



Struts replaced.

Leaky body.

General Comments:

A fun little front wheel drive truck that is rated at 1/2 ton (not 500lbs like some "pick-ups"). With the 2.2 L engine and 5-speed transmission I easily get 34MPG.

The ride is very truck-like though due to the heavy duty nature of the leaf spring rear suspension and the stiff front struts.

The vehicle is based on the famous Chrysler L bodies (Omni/Horizon) and is famous for durability. My daughter's has 155,000 miles on the original engine and automatic transmission and still runs great, burning no oil!

They are relatively rare, only 4,000 made in the last year of production (they were produced from 1982-1984) and look like a midget El Camino. They are available often on E-Bay for $1000 in stock form to as much as $5000 highly customized.

It is cool driving around in one and getting all the stares and smiles from people who never saw them or those who remember them.

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Review Date: 16th February, 2005

27th Nov 2005, 23:10

I might be getting a dodge rampage, and your comment was very helpful in persuading my father. I found one in good condition for $800, I don't think I'm going to let this opportunity fall. I just wrecked my Ford Taurus (which I hated) and I had full coverage, so my next car is my choice. (Since the Ford used to be my dad's I didn't get to pick it out). I'm 16, considered by my peers to be an individual and I would like a vehicle with the same label, and nobody in my school has one. Thank you very much.