2nd Aug 2004, 11:35


I have a '92 Dodge Shadow and for the past couple of weeks it has been running poorly, but not all the time. It will be running fine than it will just not take in any gas and my mph will fall and the engine will sputter as if trying to suck for fuel. I changed the fuel filter and that didn't fix the problem. The oil is changed religiously around 2000 miles and the engine should be in good shape. Recently, the muffler fell off and a hole was blown into it (I was wondering if a faulty muffler could be to blamed for this, maybe something backing up into the engine) Like I said it doesn't happen every time, but will do it once a day, at least, especially on the interstate. So, if anyone has any idea what is going on with my car (since I don't have the money to buy a different car right now) I would appreciate it. You can email me at archambeau_10@hotmail.com Thanks to all.

17th Feb 2006, 22:49

Check your fuel pump, oxygen sensor, AIS motor and/or throttle position sensor, that might be your answer.

7th Mar 2006, 07:54

Hey! My name is Ryan and I have a 92' Dodge Shadow. I had it customized to a lime green color with a purple dragon on the front of it. I haven't had it for a really long time, but I think it is pretty dependable. The problems I've had with it so far is the gasket leaking oil and gas mileage. Those two miner problems don't even matter because I think it is the best car I've ever owned.

24th Jun 2009, 00:28

Hey I have a 92 convertible Dodge Shadow and I'm not sure on how much gas mileage I get since the odometer doesn't work, LOL.

A lot of electrical problems so far, but no big deal.

The only big problem, which I cannot seem to figure out, is whenever I start the engine it ticks or knocks (I dunno) really loud for like 5 -10 seconds then goes away. I check the oil all the time and it is fine. I just don't get it. I can't find anyone with any idea of why it is doing this. The only thing I can think of is that somehow the oil isn't coming up to the top of the motor when I start it like it is supposed to. If anyone can help, please do... thanks.