9th Apr 2006, 13:29

Anyone here have a 3.0 5 Speed? I have one and they are VERY hard to come by.

13th Sep 2006, 21:38

That letter is lying. There were far more 3L coupes out there, and definitely more convertibles. Almost all of the convertibles were the 3L.

25th Sep 2006, 21:49

I have a 92 Dodge Shadow ES, with the 3 litre V6, and the suspension, especially the rear, is very soft. is that normal, or is it time for new shocks?

28th Dec 2006, 14:11

I had a 1992 Dodge Shadow ES 3.0L/V6 in a stick shift. That car was the best I ever owned. About the only problems were the right front wheel bearings going after 20,000kms and the engine mounts had to be replaced twice, also the paint on the car (white) was chipping away like crazy. To remedy that problem we had it primed and repainted. Maaco was even able to exactly match the racing stripes and hood lettering.

Overall this car rocks!

1st Jan 2007, 23:50

I've had a few vehicles with the 3.0 litre engine...it's a great motor design and I used to get an honest to goodness 26 mpg going to D.C. round trip 12 hours only thing I ever seen that went wrong with these motors were the valve guides would pop out and make them use oil... not the seals the guides, but never had it happen on my own car, but I did buy one like that. All in all I can't complain one of the better designs I've seen.

20th Dec 2008, 13:02

Personally I am a big fan of these little cars. I have 1 now that is a 92 ES with 4 doors. I am not sure if that is rare or not but I have not seen many. Usually all you find is ES 2 door coupes. Also I have the 2.5L 4 cyl engine in mine and it will out perform my hubby's 97 VW Jetta in a heart beat. The suspension can get soft with age but getting a replacement is not that expensive. I have found some great Koni shocks and struts that I am planning to add to mine when I can afford them. The paint does peal but that is because this year is when lead was taken out of the paint. It is nothing a trip to MACO cannot fix though. Mine is the same shade of blue as the new Neons and it also has a sporty gunmetal gray bottom panel to boot. I plan to mod this and run it into the ground. It will be my second Shad and I also think these things are a lot safer in crashes and accidents than their Japanese counterparts. Plus with the hatch back trunk you get TONS of storage. Take it from a mother. I would recommend this car to anyone that wants a fun inexpensive vehicle that is not very commonly seen.

14th Dec 2010, 19:09

I bought a 92 3L new and now have 301,000 miles on it.

No complaints here.