30th May 2002, 21:28

All I have to say is, what did you do to this little car, so many people who have owned the car from new have good things to say. You should be more careful when buying a used car, obviously the previous owner treated the thing like crap. It is their fault not the cars.

7th Aug 2002, 12:26

Have you checked for vacuum leaks? That will throw the fuel injuection system way off and contribute to it running rich and screwing up the idle. repalce all of the vacuum lines, including the ones to the vapor canister (one possible explanation for the smell of fuel)

Good luck with it...

11th Sep 2002, 05:32

Has anyone found a fix for the stalling problem when the a/c is on? When I'm waiting at a red light, the battery goes on the minus side and the car stalls. Thanks.

14th Oct 2005, 05:01

I've had the same problem with the window - it was after some a$$hole smashed the window, and those who replaced it just didn't get it right. To get it back in it's track, all you need is a piece of aluminum wiring to get the plastic fixator on. The fuel filter dies from bad gas, that's a fact (I live in Russia and drive a 2,5 3-spd, bad gas is an everyday plague here). It also screws the idle sensor, oxygen sensor and any other sensor the car is equipped with.

All you need to do is service the car properly, not beat the hell out of it, fix it only if it doesn't start from a stop or bits and pieces are falling off at 60 mph. Maybe then you won't be compelled to write such things about your car. If you don't change the oil for 50000 miles, and the engine stops, don't blame the car. Blame your own dumb a$$.