19th Apr 2005, 19:11

The car is 12 years old. What do you expect?.The Stealth is not for poor people.

9th Sep 2005, 00:24

I'm driving a Stealth R/T with the DOCH, and the power is very good. The 225HP will get me to 60 in about 6.5 seconds. The car also hasn't cost me an "arm and a leg" so to speak. The suspension needs to be fixed, my radio is dead, and the A/C pully needs to be lubricated, but the car is still running extremely well... none of the problems I have keep me from driving it. My repairs will probably cost me no more than $500... and that's including the new CD player I'm getting.

9th Sep 2005, 14:19

1992 base model owner. I've had mine since new. 187K miles on it now. I replaced the front axles about 2 years ago. Not an easy task, because there were none to be found. That's my biggest problem now. Even if I want to fix things, there is a limited supply of parts in the whole country. The engine overheated yesterday. I pulled the thermostat (3 bolts to get it out)... started it back up and ran it a few miles without a thermostat in it. It holds temp, so I'm going to be replacing it with a new one... I think I need to replace the radiator now.. the fins are just disintegrating upon touch. I'm reluctant to put any money into it, but it has been a reliable ride for 14 year on the road.

17th Oct 2005, 13:59

"The car is 12 years old. What do you expect?.The Stealth is not for poor people."

Please pay attention to the listed dates. You'll notice that the first and most recent years of ownership are listed in all reviews. I bought this car in 1998 when it was 5 years old with approximately 65,000 miles. And my problems were more or less spread throughout the length of my 5 year ownership.

21st Sep 2007, 17:44

I bought my Stealth a month ago for 1,500. I had to replace the rear wiper motor switch $55.00, rear hatch shocks $20.00, install a decent used stereo $150.00, change the new alternator pulley from 4 groove to 6 groove $100, and other small stuff $100. I still need to replace the clutch $600.00 and charge the A/C $80.00. After this I have a sleek, fast ride. It handles fantastic and it turns a lot of heads. I'm very satisfied.