1997 Dodge Stratus 2.4 liter from North America


Buy cheap, get high maintenance costs


Hood latch replacement.

Tie rod ends were rusted.

Check engine light kept coming on due to a problem with the gas tank/cap.

Shifter almost engaged in reverse on its own.

Head gasket replaced twice!

Finally, locked up the motor after the final head gasket replacement due to an oil leak around the oil flues (passage ways).

General Comments:

The car drives nice and is good on gas.

Handles pretty good for tight corners.

A bit noisy at interstate speeds.

Just got tired of adding oil for a car with only 40,000 miles...

Anyone who claims their Stratus is reliable either works for Chrysler or hasn't had theirs long enough.

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Review Date: 1st February, 2001

27th May 2001, 14:08

I had a 1996 stratus just traded it off at 98,200 miles. The only thing I did was replaced a gasket on the pan for an oil leak... waste of a 100,000 mile warranty.

2nd Nov 2001, 11:05

I own a 97 Stratus, and I have only had it for one year. I've already had to replace the head gasket, which seems to be a running theme among owners, and now it's in the shop for suspension arm replacement and tie rod replacement. The tie rod broke this morning... at 82000 miles. People I've talked to say this shouldn't be happening yet.

1997 Dodge Stratus Base 2.0L from North America


Excellent value!



General Comments:

I have owned a Mercedes, Honda, Volvo and Volkswagen, and of all of them, I would say my 1997 Dodge Stratus has given me the most pleasure and satisfaction.

It's damn nice looking, reliable, comfortable, a great highway car, economical, and just plain fun to drive.

I am lucky to own a 2.0L automatic (not available in the states) that's very peppy - especially between 60 and 90 mph - and is great on gas. The car is extremely stable (in snow and on dry pavement), comparing very highly to my former 1991 Honda Accord, and it has a similar feel to it. I also like what Fodge did to make former owners of Japanese cars feel at home. Virtually all controls are similar and in similar locations.

On the whole, this car is terrific, and I congratulate Chrysler for this product. The only trouble is that we can't get 2001 Stratus models here in Canada!

Mike Are.

Ottawa, Canada

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Review Date: 1st February, 2001

1st Feb 2001, 19:27

I'm sorry to strongly disagree with you, but 9 people that have owned '97 Dodge Stratus have all had the same problem; head gasket failure. Glad to see a few are getting lucky or probably don't check their oil enough. And the Honda Accord is by far the longest lasting quality made car. How could you compare Honda with Stratus? Stratus reminds me of the old Chevy Chevette. They all blow heads!

2nd Feb 2001, 13:21

The Honda I referred to in my comment was purchased in 1989 and I sold it in 2000 for $1800 with 232,000 kms. on it, or 170,000 miles.

Everything you could possibly imagine went wrong with that car, so how could YOU say that Hondas are the longest-lasting. Perhaps yes, but at a very high price. No, the Stratus is tight and good value!! And, it'll be around for a while...

1997 Dodge Stratus SE 2.4 - 4 cyl from North America


A lemon!!


Timing belt, front suspension recurring problems (rattles, etc.), brakes, engine noise (knocks already!), fuel injectors whine, alternator fell off of the engine.

General Comments:

I would not give this car to my worst enemy! My 1986 Olds had 187,000 miles on it when the engine finally gave out.. that car ran better than this one! The shop has this car more than I do! I am looking to get rid of this car ASAP! Do not buy one of these cars!!

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Review Date: 16th August, 2000

22nd Nov 2001, 14:45

I found this review, and found it very close to my experience with an identical Stratus. So far the following has been done:

- Timing belt replaced (circa 30,000 miles., still under warranty)

- Major front end work (50,000 miles.)

- Thermostat replaced (had broken in half) (50,000 miles.) - Head gasket replaced (51,000 miles.)

- Starter replaced (70,000 miles.)

The car now has around 86,000 miles on it, and is not running correctly. It has a constant clicking noise when running (sounds like a valve hitting), the auto tranny knocks when down-shifting to 1st, and it idles very rough, not to mention that it doesn't perform how it used to. It also is getting closer to needing more front end work, as it is knocking again, and the steering wheel is loose again.

I'm glad that I can drive a '74 VW Beetle now - much more reliable.<g>

20th Nov 2002, 12:24

This car has been nothing put a noisy ride and problems from the start. I am a single mother, it is Christmas time, my EXTENDED warranty just expired and I have put $2000 in my car the last 2 weeks! Take the advise and do not buy one!

1997 Dodge Stratus 2.4L from North America


Currently has 22,000 miles, has had new brakes, paint repaired on one of the back doors, rear main seal oil leak, dealer claimed it is not leaking, but added one quart of oil today, car will return to dealer this week, hopefully they will repair oil leak this time.

General Comments:

The dealership (service dept.) has always treated me well, it has been an inconvience having car in for these repairs.

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Review Date: 10th November, 1998