24th Sep 2010, 21:47

Now I'm at 330,000 miles. I'm at the crossroads. Transmission is on the verge of needing an overhaul. Still on original exhaust. Engine needs 300k mile birthday. I don't see the return on a $5,000 investment with a car that has that many miles. SO I've declared my car a DNR (DO NOT REPAIR) and will not put anymore money into it.

Since the last post: I have an oil leak on the oil pressure sensor that drips oil on the starter... I've put 2 starters in it over the last 100k miles. I have had NO major engine work done other than what's listed.

3rd May 2011, 21:35

Well, the day has come at 350,000 miles.

This car has been a GREAT car to own. BUT, the valve covers leak, the oil pressure sender leaks, the transmission shifts rough. I use 2-3 qts of oil in between oil changes. The engine doesn't use it, it leaks it... My driveway is a mess. The steering is loose and suspension is weak and used up.

I just bought my replacement car, a 2011 Hyundai Sonota. Sorry Dodge! I think I got a good one. Must have been built on a Wednesday or something.

22nd Apr 2014, 12:12

In June 2011... I actually put another $1,500 into a tune up, induction cleaning, oil change, tires, and value cover gasket replacement, and a radiator flush so that I could sell the car to my son... for $1...

He needed transportation and I wouldn't repair the car for me... but for him I would.

He still has the car and had to put new brakes on it last year, as well as a new lower control arm on the driver's side...

I told him the issues with it and he's using it for in-town use only... so he's put less than 15,000 miles on it... but I see it every time I go back to see him... lots of memories with that car...