2000 Dodge Stratus ES 2.5 from North America


This is a great CAR!!


Power steering rack went out and had to be replaced around 100k miles.

General tune-up at 100k included timing belt/water pump/plugs/wires/fuel injection cleaning/all.

An awkward thing is that the "intake" has to be removed to replace the plugs... added cost and labor.

Another weird thing, I go through a fan blower motor resistor about once a year. It's about a $15 part, but I never had a car go through them like this... BUT I use the AC ALL the time in this humidity.

I've had the transmission rebuilt two times.

General Comments:

This car has been a real work horse and I have driven it hard. I bought the car brand new. Now, at 220k miles, I live South of D.C. and travel the treacherous I-95 corridor about 120 miles a day. I have to put my foot into the accelerator, about 3 or 4 times a day, to make clean passes or get out of someone's way (usually 18 wheelers).

I have pushed this car HARD and kept up on the maintenance. ORIGINAL tires and brakes were replaced around 110k miles, who would have thought??? AND I'm STILL ON THE ORIGINAL EXHAUST PIPES and MUFFLER.

The car has only failed once to start, the battery had a dead cell. I jumped it and had to drive 50 miles on the alternator, and I burned it up, but that alternator lasted for 2 days to get me to the car shop. I will stay faithful to my Stratus.

The ES model with the V-6 offers enough luxury with a sporty, tight feel to the steering, and I intend to give it a 200k mile birthday and hopefully get another year out of it. NO smoke from the exhaust, NO oil usage in between oil changes. NO leaks.

All I do is put gas in it... and tires on it.


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Review Date: 31st July, 2007

16th Jul 2008, 13:25

Almost a year to the day of my first posting and I still have it...270,000 miles. I have had to replace the alternator again, and need to replace the fan blower motor that's under the dash... that one is cheap... I can get it at a junkyard for 30 bucks. The transmission is slipping a little and is going to need rebuilding soon. IF I decide to do it...I'll keep this car another year.

2000 Dodge Stratus SE from North America


Looks great, fast and reliable


The Only thing that I can say that has really gone wrong with my car has been the transmission. I believe the one to blame for this would be a service shop that flushed the transmission after the 50,000 miles which every mechanic knows not to do.

General Comments:

This car was purchased in 2000. Ever since, I have travel back and forth from Georgia to Florida and never had a problem. This vehicle is being used in a letter carrying route as well as my personal transportation. It now has 119,000 miles and drives and accelerates like the very first time I bought it. Of course like any other vehicle it has it wear and tears of tires, breaks and so on especially being used for business. But in overall I would recommend this car for its reliability, performance and looks. I love my car and in the seven years that I've own it, I don't have any regrets.

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Review Date: 10th April, 2007

10th Apr 2007, 21:00

I live in Minnesota and the MNDOT team loves to drive their Stratus's. I think the tax payers paid for them though... at least they cost only 5000$ per vehicle. I see the US Government driving them too around here for army recruitment. A great fleet vehicle if anything.

2000 Dodge Stratus ES 6 cylinder from North America


Worst car in the world and Chrysler could care less


I have hated this piece of junk car ever since I bought it. Almost one year after I bought my Stratus, the transmission went out. Because I bought it used, the warranty did not transfer and according to Chrysler, I was 2000 miles over the power tran warranty. It cost me $3000.00 to get the trans fixed and Chrysler would not help me with the cost. I told them I was going to take my car and drop it on their head quarters so they called the police on me saying I threatened them. So, now in 2004 my heater went out. My heat only works on high heat which makes it so hot I can't even keep it on. On top of that, my A/C doesn't work either. They replaced the resister three times ($125 out of pocket) and it keeps shorting out. So, to this day, I have no heat and no A/C. I have replaced the tie rod end twice, which I was told os normal. Whatever. The check engine light is on as well now. I can't remember what that one is for. I am so afraid to drive my family around in this car and I actually fear for my life when I drive this car. I just can't afford a new car at this point because I still owe $4500 on this piece of crap. Chrysler ABSOLUTELY does not care about their customers. I will never buy another Chrysler again in my life and I tell everyone I know about my horrible experience with this car and the people at Chrysler.

General Comments:

This car is not reliable at all. Hate it so much. Please someone take this car for me.

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Review Date: 26th April, 2006

13th May 2006, 17:53

If you hate it so much, Sell it! No one says you have to keep a car forever.

7th Dec 2007, 17:36

I own a 1999 Dodge Stratus. It's the best car I have ever owned. I have only had to had repairs done to the tune of $250.00 maybe in 7 years. I am pretty good about getting my fluids flushed 2 times a year.

I am recently experiencing some problems such as the heater only being on high and overheating problems... now I have no heat. The hood on the passenger side has rusted out and needs replacing. It's aging and what else would one expect. I love my little car and am not looking forward to replacing it. She has gotten me around safely for a long time!