29th Jul 2004, 09:17

We own a 1998 Dodge Stratus... and was just informed that the it needs a new head gasket. There goes another $700, plus that mechanic states it needs a new catalytic converter. What a joke Chrysler/Dodge cars are!

I now also own a Toyota Camry. This is the nicest car I have ever owned.

My husband owns a 1995 Dodge Dakota.

We will never buy a Chrysler product again.

3rd Aug 2004, 08:50

I bought a 4 cylinder 1998 Dodge Stratus with 24,000 miles on it in 2001. Guess What - Head Gasket went 2002, New front brakes 2001 and 2002 and 2003, New Battery 2001, New front tires 2001. Needed new oil pan - $501.00 - Now the car has been recalled for a transmission problem. This car is a lemon. I will never buy another Dodge/Chrysler product even if it was the last car on the face of the earth!

11th Aug 2004, 12:40

I purchased a 1995 Stratus in July of 2001 with 70K miles on it. I've had to replace the front brakes 2-3 times a year including rotors about every 3rd brake job due to warping. At 78K the motor had to be replaced due to a loss of oil pressure. The 2.4L was replaced with a 1998 2.4L with 46K miles on it. The car now has 97K on the odometer. Presently it is leaking oil from (head gasket?). I've replaced the oil pan gasket and oil sending unit that were leaking, but it still leaks. I've also had to repair or replace many other components having to do with the engine management system, CHECK ENGINE light problems.I'm sorry that I purchased this car. This is the first and ONLY Chrysler product I will EVER buy.

2nd Sep 2004, 11:31

My Dodge Stratus 1997 is also a lemon. I bought it less than a year ago. I've poured money into this bottomless pit every pay-day like clockwork, still have to resort to taking the bus when I don't have the funds to fix the next problem that comes up. Within a month, the head gasket needed to be replaced, expensive repair bill $1200 CDN, then all these needed to be replaced completely on many visits, the thermostat, the radiator, then the heater core, the timing belt, the power steering housing and now the final straw, the catalytic converter and exhaust manifold. The car is parked right now. I maintain the car regularly, have had oil changes, transmission flush, fuel system flush, just use it for short distances to get to and from work (about 10km each way) to earn more money to pour into it. I am so scared to get dumped at the side of the road that I don't go anywhere for pleasure or where there isn't a bus route to get home. I've had it towed to the mechanic twice. I was planning on fixing everything up and then passing on to my son for University, but why would I punish him with such an unreliable car and worries in a cold climate. I've pumped at least $7,000 into a car that I can probably only get the basic $2,000 trade-in on a newer vehicle. I am so disappointed to have paid out good money and still have to ride the bus. Lots of mechanics won't work on the car and when they do they make sure they cash in on the many problems this car has, they wouldn't tell you it isn't worth fixing as they know you'll probably be back soon enough with more problems.

16th Dec 2004, 22:10

I also own a 98 Stratus and it is the same story. I first started noticing that I was loosing lot of oil at about 85k and now am going to have to pay $975 to have it replaced. In addition, the aluminum oil pan stripped during oil changes and that was another $350 to replace. Does anyone know if Chrysler ever acknowledged this problem with this year and issued a recall, or possibly even whom to contact to speak with about this? I am in school any really not afford this, but if I wait any longer I will have to swim through the leaking oil to get to my car.

28th Aug 2006, 22:37

Replaced the head gasket at 45000 miles.

O2 Sensor went shortly after.

Speed sensor went at 70000 miles.

Rotors have been replaced twice, tie rod ends once, eats breaks like I eat cookies (that's a lot!)

The brakes howl for the first four or five major pumps, and I know the car has been recalled for this, but it never seems to make a difference.

The passenger side front window switch works when it wants to.

Water pump went at 109K miles, and changed the timing belt as well.

Over all, aside from the O2 and speed sensors, and the tie rods, most of my complaints seem like general maintenance.

The car has never left me stranded anywhere, but I wish gas mileage was better... that has been abysmal... as of lately with 111k miles, average city and highway has been 15.5 mpg... any suggestions.

11th Jan 2007, 16:49

I have a 1998 dodge stratus 2.4. It is the worst car I have ever owned. In the past year. Water pump, timing belt, head gasket, heater core. Now timing belt again. I should have listen to the smart ones and bought a Toyota.

11th Jan 2007, 17:06

Yeah, it's outrageous that a 9-year old car would need maintenance, or anything. Let me guess... you bought it used? You may find that a 9-year-old Toyota also needs things like oil changes, timing belts, and routine maintenance.

14th Jan 2007, 11:36

Actually I bought the car new. I will never buy another Dodge vehicle again. It was well maintained. It didn't matter. It's a fact the Honda's and Toyota are more reliable vehicles. My mistake was that I thought the Dodge Stratus was such a nice looking car at the time. My mistake, I bought on looks insted of reliability.

25th Jan 2007, 19:41

I bought my 2002 Dodge Stratus used in 2004 with 52000 miles on it. Have never had a problem. Had to get the brakes changed on front and back, but I do a lot of driving. FYI to one above. If rotors are warped, then don't let people use air gun to put tires on your car, it can warp the rotors after a little while because it's on too tight.

We love our Dodge Stratus and plan to buy another soon!

26th Feb 2007, 11:17

Feb.26 2007.

The 1998 dodge stratus seems to come with many problems. Like this that my local dealership found during a routine oil change. Worn out cam&front cover seals, timing belt, shift solenoid gasket, left front wheel bearing&last, but surely not least a transmission cooling line leaking. Three months ago at last oil change everything was good. Do not recommend a dodge stratus to my worst enemy.

26th Feb 2007, 14:42

Well, keep in mind that sometimes the garage likes to "find things" that need to be fixed when you bring your car in. Not saying these things didn't need some attention, but to the tell the truth, none of these things sound that major.

Leaking gaskets -- well, show me any car that doesn't have a gasket with SOME degree of leaking.

Ditto for the transmission line -- you can find any car with at least some buildup around a transmission line at some point.

Actually, they were doing you a favor to point out the timing belt and wheel bearing.

Out of all those things, those two are probably legitimate concerns to be addressed. Nowadays a timing belt replacement is considered routine maintenance, although I never have like the idea of replacing a timing belt every 60,000 miles when the old timing chain would go well over 100,000 miles.

I'm just saying that these problems don't sound like the makings of junk as much as you might think.