2005 Dodge SX 2.0 Base from North America


Great car, just wish I got one with more options like key-less entry, PW, PL ETC


Front seats are uncomfortable after a while.

Engine idles rough, even after changing the plugs.

Not all that upgradable.

Bad reputations with auto transmissions; get a 5 speed if possible.

General Comments:

This car has been a really good buy. I am the 3rd owner on it (long story). It had very low KM's on it when I bought it, cost me only 6K CDN and ended up having a FULL EXTENDED warranty with even free oil changes. The second owner did not even know there was a warranty.

The stock stereo in this this sounds incredible. Solid rich sound through out the car.

I bought OEM cruise off e-bay for less than 200.00 from mopar4less, and installed it myself, saving me 180.00 in parts, and at least another 200.00 in labor. But that's all I can upgrade. There are no other easy upgrades you can do like power trunk, etc.

Great gas mileage for a 5 speed; you just need to really get a feel for the car in city traffic, and get up to speed and coast to your next stops. It rolls quite well in neutral. :)

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Review Date: 7th April, 2008

2005 Dodge SX 2.0 2.0 from North America


Dodge needs to figure out the problem with these cars and repair them at no cost to owners... Recall


My biggest complaint is with the fuel mileage, went from about 500 litres/tank down to about 350 litres/tank. Approx 35 mpg in town and 48 on the highway, down to 20 in town and only 28 highway.

This car is almost rebuilt and still won't run proper. A seal in clutch went resulting in new a clutch at 20,000 km.

Transmission release bearing (result of clutch fluid blown into tranny) New transmission. Come out of shop from tranny job running rough, it has never run proper since. Approx 25,000 km. I have been fighting with the dealer to make it run like it did before the tranny was done for almost 8 months; this car is in the shop at least once every couple of weeks.

Other parts replaced by dealership : motor mount, tranny mount, fuel pump, throttle body, cam sensor, crank shaft sensor, on its 3rd set of plug wires and plugs.

While trying to figure out problems of rough idle, poor fuel mileage, backfiring, stalling, not starting proper (1-4 tries to start, rare to start on first try anymore). The dealership has no idea how to fix.

Car only had engine light come on 2 times; both fuel emission leaks, first time replaced gas cap, seal gone. Second time just cleared the code.

Currently trying to get rid of the car without losing my shirt in the process, but other dealers won't go over $10.000 for trade, some as low as $7700.00. The only ones willing to deal are the Dodge dealership. They are willing to give me $15,000.00 towards trade of another Dodge, but I don't want car payments. Am currently driving 2004 Dodge sx2.0 off their lot while mine is in shop; this car seems much tighter, put together than mine... What a difference between 2 cars.

Not sure if I want to buy it, but so far it's the best deal that's been offered. Maybe mine is just a lemon!!! I'm sure all companies have those.

Could I be lucky to get a good one if I buy the one the dealership is offering???

General Comments:

This was a great little car when first purchased; handled well in all kinds of weather, snow included. Fun to drive, sporty, was economical, lots of power in town and on highway. If Dodge could figure out problem with rough idle and poor fuel economy, it could have been great car. Interior is well laid out, gauges are easy to read, comfy on the highway.

If car ran as good old as it did brand new, this could have been one great little car. Not sure that I am willing to hedge my bets and take another one of them!!!

Lemon-aid anyone???

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Review Date: 16th August, 2007

27th Aug 2007, 12:34

I have the same problems with my 2005 dodge SX stalling, hard to start about three to four tries, then idols at 200rpms.

9th Nov 2008, 20:49

My 2004 car is doing the same thing and the dealership won't do anything either.

13th Dec 2008, 23:18

Great car, just need to replace the cam shaft position sensor. Mine has 109 000 km, runs good and starts well.