2004 Dodge SX 2.0 2.0 16v SOHC from North America




Nothing wrong with my car as of late, except that when I purchased it, the clutch on the first gear had been off a bit, but is relatively fixed now.

I'm not sure if this is an exact problem, but since I drive standard, it seems that the release (like on most cars is near the start of the clutch release), but mine is more towards the end... I don't know if that's a good or bad thing, but it makes it easier to drive for me! So it's a plus in my books!

General Comments:

This car is amazing even for a SOHC, my tires though are crappy and they slip sometimes when I accelerate from a light in the rain... I guess it's just my lead foot.

This car was insanely cheap for what I really paid for it. -cough- $5400 -cough- from the dealership that had it priced at $6895, and plus plus plus after all taxes and stuff, I'm sure it would have came well beyond 7500 or more... Man what a stea... I mean... Deal, yeah. LOL.

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Review Date: 20th June, 2009

2005 Dodge SX 2.0 Sport 2.0 from North America


I love it


Loose battery connection when I took ownership; minor tightening fixed the problem.

General Comments:

Very decent car. Can't complain - in fact I love it, being a mechanic myself, it's easy for me to diagnose problems almost the instant they occur.

For the other guys with low fuel mileage issues, you're well within the mileage to have your oxygen sensors, map sensors, spark timing sensors and your mass air flow sensors checked.

Any malfunction of these will cause a considerable dent in the fuel mileage.

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Review Date: 15th February, 2009

15th Nov 2010, 21:36

Thank you for this advice, my 2.0 mileage has been cut in half & I was at my wits end. I did the obvious, had plugs changed, tire pressure checked, air filter replaced, fuel injectors cleaned out nothing helped!

Again, thank you. I will have my mechanic check this out!

2004 Dodge SX 2.0 2.0 132hp from North America




$3000 in repairs since I bought it 3 months ago. I cannot afford to own this piece of garbage.

New radiator, oil pressure switch, camshaft sensor, transmission solenoid pack (transmission is currently experiencing problems again after getting it fixed a month ago).

Rough idle, car revs by itself when stopped at a red light?!!!

Lights in the car dim and flicker.

General Comments:

I am stuck paying for a car that doesn't work, and will possibly lose my job because of it, so it might be the bank will come take this piece of turd back from me anyway, I wouldn't miss it. Will never buy Dodge in my life again.

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Review Date: 19th October, 2008

21st Oct 2008, 16:17

Update on this review, now my lower control arms are shot as well, at this rate I could have afforded a corvette instead.

17th Jun 2010, 18:14

I have a Dodge SX 2.0 2004, and I've had problems with the spark plugs misfiring, I've had trouble with my idling, and I've had a shake in my front end at 2,000 kms that Chrysler said is because my tires are low profile; give me a break. Every time I took it back, they would say they couldn't find the problem. I guess they didn't want to look after me under warranty; they'll wait till the warranty is finished, and charge me an arm and a leg to fix it.

I have 124,000 kms on my car, and it shakes more than ever, and now there's no warranty. Well I will say I'll never buy a Dodge again. I'm going Ford; at least they help you till you're satisfied.

21st Dec 2012, 22:49

Did you buy the car new or used, because if it is used, it could have been the way it was driven before. And as others have said, the car is compact, and it is not an easy car to work on due to its size. But to blame the entire company is a little extreme. Maybe it's the specific dealership you go to, and have you ever tried a garage? It is quicker than the dealership, plus they will fix a problem, because unlike dealerships, if you don't get cars and profits, everyone suffers. Dealership mechanics make their wage either way, because it's a multi-billion dollar company. I hope this helps, but please don't put down an entire car brand based on your experiences on one car.

17th Jan 2015, 17:47

I was unhappy with the dealership mechanics too. I had the camshaft sensor module replaced twice, and then the mechanic I now go to said that it was the wiring harness. Also the clock never kept time, so I brought it in three times under warranty. They said they replaced it, but I still have the same problem. I won't go to Dodge for my new car.