23rd Feb 2005, 01:15

The Viper is simply a one of a kind car. I was lucky enough to obtain a used '98 Viper 2 years ago and have never regretted it. Though it was at my dodge dealer for repairs for a month for an oil leak and another 4 months for a broken crank shaft pulley, I still consider myself lucky to own one. Nothing anybody can say about this car can take away the fact that it is a true sports car.

17th Nov 2005, 07:20

Isn't it 500 hp?

8th Jan 2006, 21:41

The EVO must have a turbo or supercharger right? Well in that case you do know that a small engine with such power is more likely to fail and have bad MPG (not saying the viper has good mpg lol), but anyways the little four banger would probably blow itself up or burn up its turbo or supercharger faster than the viper would need a tuneup. Plus how can you compare the sounds of the two engines...

A four banger all souped up?

Or the throaty roar of a V10?

9th Jan 2006, 03:59

There are so many late model Corvettes running around its just another car. Anyone can drive a Corvette just hand them the keys. I could hand the keys to my mother to drive mine to the store. Not so with the Viper. I drove my sons 2000 RT/10 having owned Corvettes, Camaros etc. I felt I could just jump behind the wheel. There is just no comparison. The raw power, suspension, handling, braking from the instant you get on it. I was totally unprepared for what I experienced. You cannot let your guard down for a second. This is a track car more so than a dragstrip car although it is that as well. To own one of these cars you need to spend some time in a professional driving school. I would compare this to car to exotics costing substantially more before comparing it to a Corvette. By the way these posts must be old. I know that my son never goes to the dealer. His last visit was to remove an elaborate aftermarket alarm system that failed and the car would not start. The car was at the dealer almost 2 weeks only to go back to the factory alarm. As soon as the new car warranty is up it is more of an opportunity than a liability as you are free to upgrade.

30th Jan 2006, 22:51

To the guy who posted the comment on the 80th Jan. If you read the earlier comments someone said"there is no 2.0 that can keep up with the viper".Well that EVO in question can! Sure its turbo-charged, but is a totally insane motor. Plus the guy didn't compare the engine sounds, he was comparing performance figures, in which the EVO is very close to. Anyway everyone in England know that TVR are better than the viper! Take your pick of the new models and I suspect they will better performance figures and have a better sound to them!! Long live TVR!!!

31st Jan 2006, 18:44

Well does the EVO corner as well as the Viper? Or does it have that exotic feel too it? Or the pure feel of power flowing through the rear wheels?

(I never really noticed the comment about 2.0s never beating a viper, I was just responding to your single review cause it seemed pretty whack to me, when read without the 2.0 never winning comment.)

TVR? If you live in US, then I don't think you're buying a TVR. I've only driven the Griffefth or the 500 or something, but that was Gran Turismo! lol.

1st Feb 2006, 11:38

Does an Evo handle as well as a Viper?

Isn't that like asking does a Prius get better gas mileage than an Escalade?

The Viper's sole purpose is to be a muscle car.

12th Feb 2006, 01:37

When you tell someone you beat an EVO, do their eyes glaze over because they don't care? Would you get the same reaction if you told them you beat a Viper? The EVO has been modified beyond rational limits, and still falls short. How many of them go past 50,000 miles? Or any of the other "tuner" car with 400 hp for that matter? The Viper has a bullet proof motor that runs mild compression and does 100 mph at 2,000 rpm all day long, and I got 26 mpg in mine coming back from Atlanta. Todays youth is spending big money to make their car do ONLY one thing... go faster. The Viper does that from the factory, plus it stops and pulls over 1.0g on the skid pad; that's what it was made to do. How many FIA, or 24 hours of LeMans Championships has the EVO won? It's been 11 years since the Viper was rated at 400 horsepower, and today it leaves the factory with 510. I'd say the EVO is a little behind. This thread is about serious cars, don't bring a sling shot to a gun fight.

12th Feb 2006, 08:01

The first review seemed bogus. You either own a Viper or a newer Vette certainly not 2 late models. Possibly an early generation Vette as most Viper owners own multiple vehicles. My son drives a Viper and a Range Rover. The Vettes are getting faster, but the suspension, handling and braking are not there. The Viper is a low production vehicle which is better compared to exotics. There are so many Vettes out there not so with the Viper. The reviews keep comparing the Viper only in its stock form. It usually does not stop there. In addition why go a dealer? My son takes his to individuals specializing in racing and then goes and has another dyno. Since purchasing his he started out adding smooth tubes on the intake, Roe Racing VEC2 engine management system, Corsa Cat back exhaust, MGW short throw shifter and a TNT nitrous kit 100 shot. I am sure he is not finished. He got rid of the soft top and bought a 3 piece hardtop which takes up very little space and fits in the trunk in case it rains. The air conditioner works decent in Florida however being over 6 ft my head is against the roof even with the seat lowering kit. I hardly see the need to melt one of these into a beer can. They can be run hard and driven home from the track.

12th Feb 2006, 11:28

I'm sure any serious race car driver that does endurance or road race courses would tell you they'd rather be in the Viper due to its handling and engine characteristics. The EVO simply cannot compete with a car that has tires three times as wide as the EVO's. Also, the Viper is lower to the ground and can use the giant engine to put real power to the ground without even straining itself.

Admittedly, I drive an Impreza, and it is one fine machine to rev the crap out of, and go from point A to point B with a huge grin on my face, but I know the motor won't last if I tried to copy the same driving habits and performances of a Viper and its driver. Then the name... I own a EVO? pffttt Okay wow...

I own a Viper, want to take it for a test drive?

Can I be your friend?