1st Jun 2008, 19:15

I have a 94.

Gas mileage sucks.

Heat in the cab sucks.

My wallet is empty.

YET, I smile everytime I see/touch/smell/sense my viper. hmmm... I wonder why?? :)

27th Mar 2011, 18:55

My, you really sound like an uninformed kid.

Irocs are fine if you're from "Jersey Shore". Most people choose to be a little more refined.

11th Apr 2012, 02:36

I own a 2000 GTS and couldn't be happier. This is a car to keep for a lifetime, can you say that about your Corvette? Unless it was from the 50's ha.

Whoever says the interior is plastic, this is still a 90's model car, and I love it inside and out. There were only 1500 made per year. How many cheap a** Vettes are made a year? Not to mention, to this day April 11th 2012, my 2000 GTS interior looks just as nice as a brand new Vette interior.

Sure, I like Corvettes too, but to compare it to the rarity of a GTS makes me laugh my ass off.

And for anyone to compare it to a EVO makes me laugh even harder. If I put twin turbos on this beast, I could be at 1200HP+. What would that make that lil Evo look like?

Don't hate on the Viper. It's a beast, and you hate because you can't handle a beast... LOL.

11th Apr 2012, 13:52

I know quite a few people with mixed ownership of Vipers and Corvettes. Maybe do a little research and look at the new Corvette models. Twin Calloway and ZR1 for openers. My family has had both a 2002 Viper and C5s. For everyday driving, the newer gen Corvettes are great. I prefer not doing the limbo entering the Viper, although with the top (we had 3 piece color coded) out it's less of an issue. If over 6 ft, you can drop the seats a whopping 1"

It's a raw uncivilized beast. Fun for a while. On long trips it's hard to beat the Corvettes. And no, I am not talking C4s or later C3s.