1994 Eagle Talon ES 2.0 non turbo from North America


It's a great little 4 cylinder with balls


Well only a few things have gone wrong with my Talon.

First my torque converter blew from me revving my engine too high, trying to be a bad ass. It cost 750 dollars in part and labor.

Then at 152,000 miles, the timing belt snapped, causing my valves to bend. I had to get a used engine to replace it. The new one has 130,000 miles on it. It runs great now, but it cost 800 dollars altogether to fix it.

After that, the car ran great for three days until the alternator went out, and I had to get a new one that cost me nothing, but other than those problems, the car runs great.

General Comments:

This car is a great starter car.

But if you get one with high miles, prepare to pay some money for repairs.

The interior is great; kinda like a jet cockpit; it's awesome.

This thing's also got great pick up and top end speed for being an automatic.

I love my car; it's my baby.

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Review Date: 21st December, 2007

7th Feb 2008, 14:12

Wow LOL, that's the same thing wrong with mine. I also own a 94 ES. First the timing belt key was going bad, so I had no power; I mean you could walk faster then it would move!!

Then the belt snapped after I got the key fixed, so I had my dad replace the valves.

Last the darn converter went cause I also was trying to show off!! It's now in the garage and hopefully it won't cost much to fix. The guy says I'm looking at 1000 to rebuild if that is what's really wrong with it.

I was revving up and pulled out; next thing you know it wouldn't move. It starts, but has no gears, and there's something spinning in it when you shut it off.

Other than these problems, I think it's a great car, and can't wait for my baby to be fixed!!

1994 Eagle Talon DL 1.8L 4 cylinder from North America


If I had more money, the things I'd do to this car!


Interior and exterior in poor condition when I first bought it.

I also had to replace the valve cover gasket immediately, as it was pouring oil over into the spark plugs and all over the place.

I had to replace the entire hydraulic system on the clutch and including the entire clutch assembly at about 225,000.

The alternator had to replaced at about the same time.

Replaced several alternator belts because my lower alternator bracket was bent (very strange).

It has a lifter that sticks every so often.

General Comments:

This car has taken me on several long distance trips without any problems whatsoever.

Being that it is a small car, I have no storage space at all.

I do not like the fact that the cigarette lighter is close to my gear shifter. When I plug things into it, they sometimes tend to get in the way.

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Review Date: 9th October, 2007

1994 Eagle Talon ES 2.0 DOHC Non-turbo from North America


Awesome Car


When I first got the car, I had the timing belt and timing gears, water pump, valve cover gasket, and radiator all replaced for about $1500, parts and labor.

The transmission went at about 95,000 miles, cost me $3,000 for a complete rebuild and new computer.

My friend recently blew the top end of the motor, revving the car for girls, so now it a rebuilt head, new timing belt (again), balancing belt (i think). and some other things i can't think of right now, which cost me $900 (he paid to fix it though)

General Comments:

I love my car to death, and with the money I have into it, I will run it until she won't go anymore. This is the second Talon I've owned (my first one (a 92 2.0 non turbo), someone stole, and blew the transmission up). Very fast for a non turbo auto. I only paid $500 for the car itself. They do take some money, put I think it was well worth it.

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Review Date: 25th September, 2007