1996 Eagle Talon TSi AWD 2.0 liter turbo from North America


My favorite car of all time!!


Driver's window does rattle when going up and down, but does work perfectly.

Radio doesn't get a good signal anymore, but I think its because my brother didn't install it right. Other than that it's been incredibly reliable. Much better than my 99 Mustang Cobra, with which I have had many problems with a crap transmission.

General Comments:

Great looking interior, even throughout the years! The leather has not one tear anywhere!

The power of this vehicle was extremely nice! I installed a bigger turbo and other mods, and it put my Mustang to shame which also had many mods!

The car has never broken down, even though it's been treated very rough!

The all wheel drive in the winter is a must!! The turbo is very addictive! I have 5 of these cars, 2 Eagle Talons and 3 Eclipse!

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Review Date: 2nd March, 2003

1996 Eagle Talon ESi 2.0L DOHC non-turbo from North America


Very good baseline model


Minor external head gasket leak when purchased (60000 miles). Replaced under 30-day warranty from CarMax.

Serpentine belts replaced twice (66000, 70000 miles), but the first replacement was performed incorrectly by CarMax.

Major internal head gasket leak again at 72000 miles. Head was reworked and most of coolant system replaced (water pump, hoses, and thermostat).

Driver's side window rattles, most likely due to previous owners closing the door by pushing on the window instead of the door.

General Comments:

This is a decent performer for a baseline model compared to today's new cars. The 140 horsepower engine is powerful enough, but certainly not awesome like the turbo-charged version. 0-60mph times are in the high 8 seconds range because the car weighs 2800-3000 lbs. 32mpg on mostly highway driving.

Suspension is very grippy for a baseline model. However, it is a sport suspension, so you will feel all bumps somewhat harshly.

Interior finish is also decent. Not junk plastic like many GM's.

Common problems: The non-turbo Talon and Eclipse share the same basic engine as the Neon, which tends to leak oil due to a design flaw with the head gasket. Hence, my two head gasket repairs.

I purchased my used Talon from CarMax. Their customer service and mechanics were absolutely terrible. They messed up one repair, and performed unauthorized on another repair.

My engine still leaks a small amount of oil, but not enough to spend another $500-$1000 to get it repaired again (only to start leaking, again).

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Review Date: 6th September, 2002

16th May 2003, 16:46

I recently purchased a 1996 Eagle Talon and am very pleased with it. The guy I bought it from told me that the head gaskets are an inherent problem in all the Talons. However it is easily solved by replacing the original gasket with one of the multi-layer metal gaskets. Mine has one of these and I have no problems at all with leaking fluids. But the window does rattle.

15th May 2004, 02:00

I have a 96 Talon ESI non-Turbo 4cyl. I like it and it is performing well enough.

However, I am having trouble with an oil leak that a mechanic told me was from the "oil switch". The problem is that I have check through the repair book and there is nothing mentioned about an oil switch.

Is there anyone that can help. FYI, I have already replaced the gasket already, but the leak persists.

I would appreciate any advice.

Thanks, Matt.

9th Feb 2006, 19:25


I read this with great interest. Just as an FYI, the Eagle Talon is a Mitsubishi Eclipse rebadged so that Chrysler could sell it as domestic vehicle under it's Eagle line.

Mitsubishi's (e.g. Eagle Talons) cars were notorious for gasket problems especially those that came out in the 90s. Not at all surprised that most dealers are reluctant to fix them and would rather walk away.

Colin Lasu

8th May 2007, 13:30

I also have 1996 Eagle Talon ESi. We also have problems with the head gasket. Our windows rattle too. It's a fun car to drive, but I don't think it will last as long as I hoped. The engine feels weak under 3500 rpm.