15th Feb 2010, 22:23

Well I haven't had any of the front end problems, but the passenger side front brakes I've had to replace almost annually until they finally admitted that it was faulty.

The driver's door handle broke off too easily. And the driver's seat broke also.

I have not had any problems with leaks, but the rear trunk lifts won't stay up even when it's dry and arm. They seemed to wear out after about two years.

I must admit that I love how the car handles, and it is pretty good on gas, especially on long trips.

I took it up to 150 mph and it was awesome. It seems like the faster you go, it just drops and hugs the road.

For a year I was averaging about a thousand miles a weekend driving back and forth from Fresno, Ca. to Los Angeles. It didn't even hesitate when taking on the big mountain (the Grape Vine).

Unfortunately it's just sitting in my back yard right now until I can figure out an electrical problem. It keeps losing power and pulling down the battery. Hopefully we'll be back on the road soon. I miss my Talon.

13th Mar 2010, 10:33

You're most likely losing your clutch fluid from your internal slave cylinder inside your tranny. That would explain fluid loss, and you not having a clue of were it's going. It leaks inside.

14th Sep 2010, 09:58

I have a 1995 Eagle Talon ESI and love it.

I just replaced the timing belt and water pump and ever since have heard a strange belt noise. I replaced the belt and pulley bearing and it still exists.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

28th Oct 2010, 20:42

I have a 98 Talon ESi, and the timing belt just went out. It didn't break, but there's no teeth. The car will not start. I am curious as to whether I have bent any valves or not. I'm willing to put in the work to replace the belt, but I don't want to get everything back together, to find out I have to take the top end apart again, due to valves. Any input would be very much appreciated.

3rd Dec 2010, 10:39

I am 16, and I have a 1995 Talon ESi, and at first I kept it stock, but the engine in those cars just has soo many problems, and they aren't worth messing around with, so I took it out and did a 6 bolt b18 swap with a b16 tranny... no problems since then.

6th May 2011, 09:15

It could be a number of things, but I am thinking it is a wire close to the turbo. Look at all the wires that are close. I found two on mine so far, and it fixed the problem.

6th May 2011, 16:18

You are right, stay away from these! They look nice and ride great, but the Mitsubishi engine is garbage, always burning oil and stalling like most Mitsubishis do.

A lot of my friends had these cars, either a Talon or an Eclipse, every single one had major problems.

They may look great, but stay away! The engine is junk, even when well maintained and driven responsibly.