15th Oct 2001, 07:14

Only the '95 to '98 Talon/Eclipse with the turbo and 5 speed are prone to Crankwalk. My '97 has it, I love it but I'd sell it in a second. Get a Honda Civic and swap in a prelude engine in it then turbo it, you'll save money, have parts available ANYWHERE and have over 350 horsies in a little 2 door go-kart. As for winter, by a cheap SUV from the 80's or something. Cheap fix for crankwalk?: Replace the bearings whenever your clutch goes funny, and use Duralube or some other products like that...

3rd Oct 2002, 16:38

Yeah, I'm the angry guy with the lemon. just found out that they let the crank sensor wires resting on the timing belt when they replaced the engine. so the car died in the middle of nowhere one day in the rain because of it. $500 repair to fix it.

6th Nov 2002, 17:51

Feel sorry for this guy. I have had a '95 Eclipse GS-T since it was new and I have had no problems with the car. Just keep up with the regular maintenance and don't punish the vehicle like it's a dragster and I bet you won't have any problems. 88,000 miles and still running strong on completely stock engine. No crank walk. Only things I have ever had to replace were brakes and battery, but then again this is MY car and everyone has different experiences. Just so everyone knows, this car has seen the drag strip on 4 separate occasions without problems. 15.1 @ 92mph stock.

1st Dec 2004, 18:40

1995-Eagle Talon Awd Tsi.

Bought my car brand new at the beginning of 1996. Loved the look, the ride, the way it took corners as if it were on rail way tracks.

Now- I had problems with the gas tank leaking and brought it in to the dealer- seventeen times! Yes! No joke. The first year it was in the service department, more times than I drove it, and till this day, the gas gauge has never worked.

Then, eight months later, I my brakes locked and my car went out of control and seemed to accelerate, causing me to careen off of a snow bank, in order to prevent a serious multi- car accident. I was injured, and remain disabled till this day.

After the accident- I continue to work for one more year, then had to go on sick leave due to the accident. I called Chrysler to ask why this happened with my anti lock brakes and they said there was no way this could have happened. Two years later I get a recall, stating that this car had been known to have the braking system locked, so my husband had to bring the car in to get the recall completed. At this point in time, the car is sitting in my garage, as I am ill and do not drive it. It is only used when my husband would take me to appointments. Maintenance, oil changes, etc.. all done as per manual.

Had to replace battery six times. This still happens and nobody can tell me what drains the battery.

The side passenger door lock broke a year after I had it and I felt no need to spend four hundred dollars.

I get feeling well in 2002, and begin to drive my car again. Got another new battery.

The car now starts to misfire and I had taken it in to a Chrysler dealer, who could not repair it and said I should take it to the Jeep dealer. I did and they said the car was running on only three cylinders, so they put in new sparks. Car now makes a jerking noise whenever I go from park to reverse, as when I am attempting to paralelle park. It has been in three times to get it to idle slower to no avail.

Worst scenario.. I love my car. I treat it well and it is babied.

Now, the last two weeks I see oil leaking and this last week it has been hesitating when I start it. This is always the first start of the day. Sometimes, it will just stall.

I have my husband take it in to a Chrysler dealer today and I get a call that the car must have overheated, and that the head gasket and other things have to be replaced and that I may have also damaged my motor. I will not know till they take this apart and the cost for this is over two thousand dollars.

I am annoyed that they said my car overheated, when in fact, it has never. I had the coolant system checked and all was well.

I don't know what to do.

Why would this happen?

My husband suggested letting his backyard mechanic repair the gasket at a fraction of Chryslers cost and then he can see if a piston is gone.

Please help.

20th Jan 2005, 15:34

I need some help. I am trying to replace the fuel filter on a 95 Talon turbo TSI. I got the top line off (after some WORK) but I cannot get the bottom hard line off. WHAT is the correct size of wrench needed. I don't have much room to get one on and I cannot see or really even feel what size it is. Any suggestions? I know it is probably metric, but from the I am not sure? Please email with any info...WeListItAll@Yahoo.com.