27th Aug 2004, 23:18

My Talon does low 13's without any mods.I'm not sure why you spent all that cash on a car worth less than a $1,000.

13th Oct 2004, 12:50

I plan on getting a 93' talon (TSI). Does anyone have any info on the stock QM?

I just wanted to know because I have big plans for the car.

And I'd also like some pointers about the car itself as well... I want to know the limits of the car. (how high I should rev, and where I should shift without ragging the car out too much.

16th Oct 2004, 13:38

I have a '91 talon, 2.0 non turbo, I got it a new timing belt. That's it, and it runs low 13's, stock.

10th Nov 2004, 08:04

I have to call BS On the post above, I own a 93 Eagle Talon TSI AWD Turbo and it doesn't run 13. A new timing belt is DEFINITELY not going to put any car from a low 15 to a 13. These cars take a lot of work I will say, mine is currently stock, a big up on them though is pull the front bumper and remove the stock fog-lights from it, the one on the passenger side blocks the airflow to your inter-cooler. After removing the foglights, I noticed an higher showing on my boost gauge. Also, heat shields will prove to be a hassle on this car, mine are rattling bad.

11th Nov 2004, 13:37

Where can I find some parts on a talon that will throw it in the low numbers like the tens. I can't find parts anywhere so if anyone could help then that would be fine.

22nd Dec 2004, 23:46

Ya I love these cars to, but don't make them look stupid by saying crap like that. Honestly I have a 93 talon WITH a turbo and it doesn't do 13's it is a high 14 at best stock. So a non-turbo is not getting ya down the track in 13.

22nd Dec 2004, 23:47

If you are looking to mod your Talon, Eclipse, or Laser. Or just want some good info on these cars, go to www.dsmtuners.com. Great site.

8th Jan 2005, 23:00

Hey, I'm thinking about buying a 1993 eagle talon 2.0, 5 speed, it appears to be in good condition, but I'm not completely sure what to look for... I know that the timing belt, and clutch are the more common things, but the clutch is new and I plan on replacing the timing belt if I get the car anyways, is there anything else I should be looking for? and how much should I be looking to spend? thank you for reading this.

24th Jan 2005, 14:18

Go join dsmtuners.com and ask them some questions about it. They can help you out more times than you think. Anything you need to know about these cars, you can usually find through them.

5th Feb 2005, 06:15

Its way cheaper to get a TSI fast than get a muscle car fast.

Car costs about $500-1500, adding a MBC cost 25bucks... removing the balance shafts costs 50 bucks + a little bit work.

Together with a few "free" mods (mods that cost less than 20 bucks) every TSI is able to drive 13-14s at the track.

For only 100 bucks of mods.

18th Mar 2005, 15:20

Hey I am getting ready to buy a 1993 eagle talon TSI and I am not sure if there is anything I should be aware of before I buy it. Is there anything that I should be to tell if it is worth the money not? hes asking 1000 but is offering it to me for 800..the price alone has got my eyebrow raised.. the paint needs redone because it got keyed.. but other than that it runs quite no tapping or knocking brakes don't rub or squeak.. but I'm not sure what else. I have no clue in this area of cars.. please share anything you have. Thanks a lot..! heres my email address jalepeno4152005@yahoo.com anyone is welcome to write!