29th Jan 2001, 22:13

I agree, I should have done better research on my 1995 Eagle Talon TSi.

It looks nice, but I have had trouble with my car since I bought it just about one year ago.

I have read the same problems over and over again with this car. My troubles started with the rotors and brakes, then the horn, lots of lights just don't work inside the car, the paint is peeling off the side view mirrors, now it is having problems with the catalytic converter.

It only has 50,000 miles on it and it is leaking oil from the valve cover and the seal on the rear tail light broke allowing water to get into the light cavity - which short circuited the turning light.

Unfortunately, I have 3 lovely years left to pay for this lemon.

22nd Feb 2001, 00:26

Yes, my horn may not work the best.

Yet this car is fast, fun, and beats most others. It is really sharp, and if you know how to drive it, it won't even stall.

10th May 2001, 13:30

You guys all don't know how to drive a car... I have had mine since brand new in 1995.. NOTHING is wrong with it.

11th Jun 2001, 01:08

Personally I think the problems with your car are minor. I know that the 95 model is known for electrical problems, but the 1st generation Talon, Laser, Eclipse, are nothing to complain about.

My 1990 Laser needed a new ECU, 100 bucks and it ran like brand new. Timing belts are also known to go after several thousand miles.

30th Jul 2001, 01:08

I agree with the comment posted on May 10... you guys must really suck at driving a true sports car. I haven't had a thing go wrong with my 94 Talon TSi AWD, and its got 100,000 miles on it. Personally I never would have bought a 1.8 litre... what the heck are you going to do with that little thing? I give props to DSM, but why a 1.8??? You just look cool. Learn how to drive.

9th Aug 2001, 13:19

I have a manual 94 Talon ES, and the only problems I have with it is the shifting. I'm used to driving easy-shifting Honda's, and my Talon is tough in comparison. Wasn't this a common complaint of the car that was a part of ending the manufacturing of the Talon?

24th Aug 2001, 15:23

Calling the Eagle Talon a sports car is a joke that's not even funny to those poor souls that own them. These cars fall apart quicker than Yugo's. Not a slanderous statement, but a simple fact. Save your money... buy European.

25th Aug 2001, 15:59

I bought my 1992 Eagle Talon AWD TSi with 127,000 miles on it, and I've had it for a year and it's still running strong.. What other stock 4 banger do you know that can give a Mustang a run for its money?

3rd Oct 2001, 01:24

How are you going to argue the Talon isn't a Sports car, Sean Glazar's 1992 Talon TSi ran a 9.10 at 157.25 MPH, set last year at Englishtown, NJ. This car is pushing 800hp with the 1G block, Bottom line is the DSM is a Tuners car and needs TLC, gotta love what you drive.

10th Oct 2001, 12:39

I have a 92 Eagle Talon. I'm a female and it has survived my many nights street racing and burning out in parking lots. I really could not have gotten a better car. It's fast and fun, and manages to keep juiced up even with 4 12's, a DVD player, playstation and 2 1000 watt amps hooked up with 1 ferrad cap. Alternator got a power boost, but other than that, this car truly rocks. It can handle my speed and my bass... great mileage too!

16th Oct 2001, 21:24

I got a Supra and I'm selling it to get a Talon. From what I've heard they are very easy to get more hp out of. I can't hardly find any parts to add to my Supra, and the Talon is also a very good looking car.

22nd Nov 2001, 14:22

I have a 1993 Talon ES, and I am the original owner - I've put 120,000 km (72,000 miles) on it. I have been very satisfied with its performance and reliability over the years. If you cheaped out and bought a DL, don't expect a quality vehicle. The Talon DL is a car built for people who like the Talon but don't want to pay for it. The fit and finish is poor because it is an afterthought model. I'll bet if you bought an ES or better model you wouldn't be complaining.

14th Jan 2002, 01:26

Let me tell you something. I have a 1994 Talon ES and I'm proud to drive it. There is not a Civic or another car that can beat my Talon and it has 100.000 miles on it. I believe that in the 30000 miles that I have had it, nothing has gone wrong with the car and I push it to the limit in rpm's every day... 8 years old and people still say to me "nice car"...

24th Jan 2002, 20:38

If everyone hates their Eclipse, Talon, or Laser, then sell it. Better yet, SELL IT TO ME!

23rd May 2002, 07:20

I have a 1992 talon (non turbo) which I purchased brand new dec 23 1991 and all I can tell you is that this car is fun to drive. I have 2 newer cars, but I still drive this car onr my daily commute to save mileage on the other cars. Everything I have repaired has been relatively minor and at this point most parts that you need can be picked up in the junk yard. I have 128,000 and so far I have replaced the front the front pipe recently, put in a new ECU (got at junkyard for $25),replaced the front rotors, and new radiator and alternator.

19th Sep 2002, 07:12

I have a 1990 Mitsubishi eclipse 2.0 GSI, which is basically the same thing as a Talon 2.0 front wheel drive. I bought it a year ago and it had 89,000 mile on it. It ran strong then, has never broken down since then, and after new exhaust, headers, cold air intake, paint job, rims, tires, a 2.5 inch slam kit, camber kit. three twelves, and a four channel 1600 watt amp, it is about 1000 times better than it was. If you're having trouble with your talon, just put some new stuff in it and it will look and run a whole lot better. You won't be complaining, I can tell you that much. wakeskate81@aol.com.

3rd Oct 2002, 10:51

I have a 1994 eagle Talon and I had to put new rod bearings in it and it runs like new. I work on cars for a living, but I am only 17 years old. My car is black 5 speed standard. I only paid 500 dollars for it and it's worth 6,000 dollars talk about a steal.

7th Aug 2004, 00:20

I have a 1994 Eagle Talon ES, and it is a great car. I'm beginning to have some mechanical problems with it; however, I can't complain. My car has almost 195,000 miles and it is almost 11 years old. It has decent power (enought to get me a ticket), and it practically changes air into gas. I've went another 40 miles when it was empty. All in all I am extremely pleased with my car. I would recommend a Talon to anyone.

22nd Jun 2007, 01:26

I have a 94 2l na eagle talon it has it fair share of problems, but all are easily fixed. I did however use to have the problem of my car randomly stalling when starting. All I did to fix the problem was bring the rpm idle to 1k. Since then every thing has been perfect with the exception of a belt and a family mechanic that my father won't let me go else were. These cars are tanks to I put my car threw a brick wall at 80k backwards and there was no frame damage. Only the back bumper was smushed a little.