8th Feb 2001, 22:06

I had this car for about 5 months when the brand new engine that I just put in went bad... I had to look every where for a new engine (they are almost never to be found!) and I only found 2 within my area.

I got the first one, put it in, and found out that it was junk. They sent me another one. Guess what... junk again. Pretty much 4 out of 5 of these motors are junk. I am a mechanic and can say that they all share the exact same problem. There is a balance shaft in the bottom back of the motor that is supposed to keep it quiet... and it works for a while... but any how the bearings lock up and in turn eat up the case and they spin making the motor non-overhaulable.

Really, I think that there should be a recall on these motors to fix this. This plus a bad A/C pump seem to be all that troubles this car. I recommend getting a motor for a 96+ Eagle Talon and having a mechanic fit it in there. Those motors are much better. That is what I did except I did it myself... kinda of a pain in the ass.

15th Feb 2001, 21:51

When you buy a car, you should never forget the possibility that it might break down. It's not just Talons, it's any car.

If you paid $800 for valve seal replacements, $600 for a manifold, and $100 for a timing belt - you got ripped off very bad. Depending on if you do any of the work yourself, it won't be that expensive. You can get valve seals replaced for $200, a new and even ported 2nd generation (twice the flow as 1st generation) for $265, and a FACTORY timing belt for $30.

I have a 92 Talon TSi AWD Turbo and I have had many problems with it. Timing belt broke (my fault for not checking), windows (can be fixed very easily), bad ball joints (come on, the car is 8 years old), then rebuilt the motor (engine has 120k on it).

You can have problems with any car. Depending on if you bought the car yourself, you have to take care of it and check things.

The engines in Talons are almost bullet proof, stock internals can handle over 350 hp. Sometimes cars malfunction, but most problems are due to negligence.

All people have their fair share of problems, just fix em. Some modified Talons run 9 sec 1/4 miles with over 700hp - buschurracing.com. Other cars are Mustang shredding, Camaro eating, Corvette pounding beasts with only $1000 in the car and not in the engine. My car may have problems, but I'll fix em and not complain about the car.

12th Jun 2002, 21:34

Talon's are the best car ever made, any one that says different is just mad because it could make there vtec look like a school girl, compared to the 2.0 turbo Tsi.

14th Dec 2004, 06:32

I to have a 92 Talon and yes it has those same problems. However I do not think its trash and yes u got ripped for those parts. I agree the motor is solid and has a few problems with the timing, but over all good. All summer long I riped 12sec runs at the track with not to much money in. I LOVE MY TALON