1993 Eagle Vision from North America


Great car for the road


This car has one hell of an engine on it. I drove it to 375,000 KM and the engine is still going strong (250,000 miles).

There are the typical problems with tie-rods on this vehicle, known A/C fan issue that can be easily fixed, and few things here and there.

I had to replace the transmission at 300,000 KM, but I hardly even maintained it. I drove the car a lot, and was real aggressive with it.

The front axle broke (my fault, I didn't replace a tie-rod or ball joint when it needed to be).

Overall, a very strong car, and would not hesitate to buy it again. The major issues are constant front end maintenance, and A/C issues.

Tranny and engines were good, good, good.

General Comments:

Love it. At one time, I was able to make 750 KM (500 miles) on one tank of gas. Amazing!

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Review Date: 12th June, 2010

21st Jul 2015, 01:39

I currently own a 96 Eagle Vision 3.5L. Had to have the whole cluster of gauges replaced. Was hard to find. I was without the car for several weeks. Like was said in previous comments, the front end needed work several times. The main problem now is the tranny, which makes a funny clunky sound when slowing to a stop or hitting the passing gear to enter the freeway. Any helpful ideas appreciated.


1993 Eagle Vision LH 3.5 V6 from Spain


A typical American sedan with european behavior


I'm Spanish and this car was badged as the Chrysler Vision in all Europe. I wanted to have an American full size sedan, like the ones we watch on the Hollywood movies, since I was a kid. So, finally I bought my "little boy" for 5,500$ having 61,000 miles on it on the moment of purchase.

I'll try to do my best on spelling in spite of my rookie english :P.

These are the things that are going or have gone wrong and have been (or gonna be) replaced...

The silent-blocks on the steering box had to be replaced just after purchasing the car, also the steering column, steering wheel and front wheels were realigned, cost 170$

I must say this happened about 6 months ago and now it'd need to be repaired again. Eagle designed a pathetic steering box, too much close to the engine block, so it makes these rubbers burn out every 4,000 miles of city usage. Maybe would be better if I'd rebuild the entire steering box this time, I'll see...

The timing system was completely replaced (I'm a prudent dude)

I replaced water pump for a mopar new one, timing belt for a goodyear new one, a new mopar timing belt tensioner, and also two mopar drive belts. About 1,000$, but now I feel not worried about it anymore :)

Front tires are totally worn out (rear ones have 5,000 miles only), need to be replaced for a new ones, I use Kleber 225/60 R16, cost 300$ (labour included)

Also front rotors and brake pads need replacement, so they screech all time, these pieces cost +500$ in Spain, but I use ebay to buy american stuff for my Eagle, hehe: 80$+30$ (labour) = 110$

Transmission, air, and fuel filters need replacement, 100$ + 0$ free labour so Chrysler Spain has a special offer consisting in a discount of 14$ for each year the car has. My car has now 11 years so... lol free labour :D.

By the way, the auto transmission shifts smooth, but sometimes it shifts-down roughly. Not really important if it only happens less than 10% of times. I hope it won't goes further because I don't have 1,500$ which costs to rebuild it all. Needless to say I always do use Mopar ATF!!

Catalytic converter have some little holes on it (about 3 or 4) not really important if it doesn't go from bad to worse.

Exhaust a bit dented, oops, my fault. Uses to happen when using a familiar car as if It was a rally car... bad done, I won't do that again : (

Same with suspensions, they are OK, but you can hear a "clunking" sound in the right end wheel, no idea what it is (maybe Chrysler will tell me when I bring my car to the general inspection)

Hood struts totally out (already when I bought the car) need to be replaced for new ones, 45$ (30+15 shipping to Spain) I'll do myself :)

Stolen Chrysler emblem, lol, losers, I bought an Eagle emblem for only 20$+15$ shipping, these are cooler than the real bore Chrysler emblem used in Europe... and this time I tied it down behind with 5 steel screws, let's see If now they can steal it again!!

A/C compressor and radiator died at same time, when the car had only 30,000 miles on it. Replaced for a new one (900$ previous owner)

Antenna motor replaced for 50$ (previous owner)

Need to clean injection system (150$ I'll do soon, method: ultrasound)

Really needs a new battery, the one I own now has only 45A (great for a tiny car, not a 3.5) and was replaced 9 months ago. It's to weak for so huge engine and a vast electrical system, so it's 20% discharged. I'll install a 12V 76A new one soon for 100$ (labour included)

This car is BLIND, I mean, who the heck designed the headlights? you can't see ANYTHING at night with the default bulbs. Neither with eurodezigns Xenon effect 8.500k!!! This week I'm gonna install a brand new Xenon 6.500K white 300$ kit, because I'm tired of using high beams to see the end of road!!!

General Comments:

Acceleration is... IMPRESSIVE 0-60 in less than 8.5 sec (that's a lot considering its weight and age)

Awesome braking (he ALWAYS breaks in time despite your speed!!!)

Unbeatable design: It's my first car and I'm starting to squeeze my brains thinking: If I ever buy another car, which one can be more beautiful? no one!! this car is not only beautiful, but also stylish, curved and in ethernal fashion in spite of the new age models!!!

Agile steering in spite of its huge size, easy handling and very roomy inside. Also really comfortable on runway (haha 45,000$ BMW's!!). Typical soft American suspensions, made to be enjoyed on long trips thorough the U.S. Not a car for european tiny cities, impossible to find a parking place for it (need a car+motorbike one, lol)

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Review Date: 6th November, 2006

19th Nov 2006, 19:31

I too tried "Eurodezigns" bulbs and they burned out in 2 months. I lifted up my headlight brackets with the adjustment screws and installed Silverstar halogen bulbs which last much longer. Also polished my dull plastic headlight lenses with scratch remover. That is about as good as it gets unless additional driving lights are added.